Diagnosis: Water Damage

The battle of the plumbing issue has likely come to an end today. After a week of emails to and from my attorney interspersed with frustrating calls to the trustee, i finally got all the information i needed to get things moving.

The water heater blew on Saturday, July 27th flooding nearly the entire first floor of my home. From the mouth of the insurance adjuster and the water mitigation contractor, this should have been taken care of the same day… 72 hours at the very latest. All this time later, nothing has been handled due to an unwilling trustee to make time to handle business.

The damage is extensive. Water heater must be replaced first, followed by (or concurrent with) water mitigation, which means drying things out. All of the floors downstairs must be stripped down to the sub-floor and replaced. There is damage to nearly every wall extending up about 12″. We’ll lose the use of our kitchen for nearly a week while the work is being done.

At this point, the timeline is crucial. The window for shopping and getting estimates never really existed, but now it’s totally gone. There is about a 48 hour window left before we will have black mold growing in our walls making the work more extensive and significantly more expensive.

The trustee wanted to drag his feet and shop around, get estimates in the attempt save money while I live in a home that is being damaged with each growing day.

Today, my patience for this ran out entirely. I drew a line in the sand which would not under any circumstances be crossed. There would be absolutely no more waiting! There would be no more price shopping! There would be contracts signed and ready to go between the plumber I’d already worked with tomorrow and the water mitigation contractor, as well.

Nice no longer matters. My home, my mental health, my physical health and that of my husband outweigh the importance of being nice and polite to a man who has refused to deal with this at every attempt I’ve made prior to being forceful. It saddens me I must resort to anger to have someone follow through on what is needed.

Soon, this will all be in the past and I’ll have a pretty new updated downstairs to show for the work it took to make it happen.

6 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Water Damage

  1. That sounds like a complete nightmare! I don’t know how you’ve held yourself back as well as you have! You must have the patience of a saint. Do you find yourself getting short with your husband when life becomes too much like I do? I know it isn’t the right way to handle stress, but I always struggle to keep myself from taking my frustrations out on Adam. He’s safe. He’s my unmovable mountain and I know I can unleash my pent up anger/hurt/frustration/sadness and he will still be there. I do hope you’re able to get this all resolved soon! We had flooding in the basement of our old house about 10 years ago and that was a gigantic mess that took time, money, and a lot of patience to get through, but we did end up with a clean, nice, fully redone and finished basement bathroom, family room, and bedrooms!

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    1. It has been a total nightmare! 😦 I’ve ended up in tears a couple times and this is the 2nd time I’ve had to yell at this man to get his job done! I do snap at Daddy for the same reasons… He’s safe and here and will love me no matter what. ♥ I have a lovely coping mechanism for stress like this… i’m a little. I can crawl up in Daddy’s arms, let Him take care of the grown up stuff for a while, watch Disney movies while eating cookies and ice cream or go play on the swings in the park. I can check out of the situation mentally and physically for a while and go have fun. It’s extremely effective.

      Plumber will be here in about an hour. Water mitigation starts tomorrow. About damn time!!!!

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