Sweet Distraction!

Today has been a shitshow of epic proportions! I’ve put on my Domme suit and handled business in the only way some people cooperate with… sheer force! I got done what I needed to… at least a beginning. I now have an idea of what I’m looking at and it’s bad. Really bad!!! The journey has just begun, but at least it’s begun.

It’s always darkest before dawn. So I’m at that darkest point with a light barely glimmering at the end of the tunnel. I know it’s there… it’s ALWAYS there!

Time to relax. Tasks are done. Everything is as ok as it’s going to be for today.

Milkshakes and a gossip session with my bestie are in order to shake the stank off my day. When Daddy gets home, i get to be little once again and find comfort and giggles in our laughter and play. For now, my adulting is done.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Distraction!

  1. That sucks, adulting when you don’t want to and shouldn’t have to resort to it. All I had to deal with was a cockroach tonight. Bought some bug spray end of problem. May fog the house Monday

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      1. Let’s hope so! 🙂 You’re probably asleep right about now. At least you should be. 😉 I just got back from dinner with my bestie and about the most decadent piece of chocolate cake i’ve ever eaten. lol Funny what makes us feel better. 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!


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