Away We Go!

Last night Daddy & i spent time looking at the town we’re planning to relocate to in a quiet valley in New Hampshire. Quaint little shops full of random and shiny things to keep us busy for days! We looked at the surrounding streets and neighborhood of the homes we’ve been eyeballing for the last couple of months, just waiting for this trustee change to allow us to flitter off back East. Daddy & kitten tigger bouncing hand-in-hand across America with Ruffi strapped to Daddy’s back in a puppy carrier!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Here we go! Stress management at its finest!

We shifted into giggles and flirty fun between commercials until we were both on the hardwood floor laughing until our sides hurt. Daddy doing the crabwalk towards me as i scooched away to avoid His playful pinching tickles that left me helpless, gasping for air laughing and flapping my hands in an attempt to be obedient and not push His hands away. Daddy’s eyes just lit up with love, adoration and a hint of evil playfulness as i reached the point of flapping.

Daddy had me pinned helpless on the floor laughing uncontrollably as He covered me in zerberts! Laughter filled our home as we played. Ruffi layed in his bed looking on in disapproval, as he often does. This just brought more laughter.

Finally, a breath… i could move. A kiss… a sweet word or two before my nimble little fingers found their way to Daddy’s balls through His shorts. Daddy exclaimed, “Sack Attack!!!!” and we were back in the game. i buried my face in Daddy’s armpit and began sniffing with ferver as i tickled His balls. “Look, Daddy… it’s sack ‘n sniff instead of scratch ‘n sniff!” i giggled into His ear. Daddy rolled up in a ball laughing hardly able to pull Himself back together.

Daddy cupped my face in His giant hand, looked in my eyes and told me He loves me. Awwwww…. i got all melty and soft and sweet curling up around Him.

Back to our usual spots. Daddy in His chair and me in the corner of the sofa right next to Him. We held hands watching TV as we giggled and made fun of old reruns of The Match Game, 1974. Daddy kept looking over at me telling me just how sexy and adorable i am in His Harley Davidson t-shirt, cutoff shorts and how my hair fell just the right way. Finally, up to bed to snuggle and dream together as we tigger bounced across America.

Another perfect day in the life of Daddy & kitten. ♥

7 thoughts on “Away We Go!

      1. I’m so glad to hear that!!! ♥ Until I met him, I wasn’t sure a love like this existed. There is hope. Don’t think I’ve mentioned it in my blog, but he’s #4. Yes, my 4th husband. The eternal romantic or was I just plain stupid the first 3 times? lol 😉

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      2. Lol!!! I’ve got 2 down the drain. We all have to learn somehow! I’m really thankful for my single-dom right now. I’m finally (at 36) learning how to love and respect myself.
        Of course… I do still hopethat 3rd time really is a charm for me. Lolol!!!

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      3. ♥♥♥ I hope so, too!!! I took 7 years away from all relationships between #2 and #3. Best thing I could’ve done for myself! 7 years is a really long time, but you get the idea! 😉 Focus on me. Figure out who I am and what I need to be happy and… to make better relationship choices. 😉 Being single can be REALLY fun!!! ♥

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  1. Right in there with Monica! So much sweetness and warmth between you two. This looks like it was written the beginning of August—you two still moving to NH? Best of luck (almost wrote ‘lick’…that too!)!!

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