Just a few minutes ago, I got a message from a dear friend that his son was found dead today of a drug overdose. Earlier this week he found out the son was using again. My heart reaches out in ways I can hardly put to words. The loss of a child and to addiction is about the saddest combination I can think of.

I sat there in utter shock as I typed my response of love, support, hugs, and anything he needs to get through this awful period. I was grateful to hear the was taking the right steps to care for himself. He was calling in the troops of support, not just for today, but the long run. He was headed out the door to a meeting himself.

I know first hand the heartache of losing someone to addiction. Right now I just wish I could hug my friend, be there, bring pizza and be available in person for the months to come of grief, anger and the sadness that he faces. I can’t offer that. I can offer my words. A shoulder in phone calls, texts and distraction when he needs it.

Today, I am sad for my friend.

12 thoughts on “Overdose

  1. Horrible. It’s like a war with no end and no point, except to take lives. My neighbor two doors down from me lost her son when he OD’d in her house. So sorry for your friend and you.

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    1. Thanks. I just feel helpless to help him.

      My dad died of alcoholism around ’97. They found him about 5 days after he died. His entire body was riddled with drug and alcohol related illnesses. He had no family contact, no friends. The cheap motel found him after nobody’d seen him in a few days and the smell started to come through. Tragic.

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      1. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Both my parents, too. Daddy drank and mom was a black belt co. I learned from the best. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As my mom always said, she did better for me than her parents did for her. I am living proof in the life i lead that i did better she did. The cycle has to stop and shift somewhere along the line. Sad that it’s so prevalent.


  2. What a horrible thing for your friend to have to go through. I am so sorry to hear of this. I hope that, with the help of his friends (like you) and family, he can get through this. Drugs are terrible and the effects of them go far beyond those that consume…

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