Daddy & kitten Time

NSFW * 18+ * Adult Content

i wore myself out yesterday. About 7:30 i asked Daddy if i could take a nap. He always says yes to this! He layed down, too, though wasn’t able to sleep. i vaguely remember Him laying down beside me.

i woke a couple hours later to Daddy spooning me while softly stroking my hair. Mmmmmmm… one of my favoritest things ever! i rolled over to face Him burying my face in Daddy’s chest as He pulled me in close and cupped my head in His big hand. Daddy knows this is my most favoritest of all! Tucked safe all wrapped up in Daddy’s big arms. i’m little, i’m safe and i’m ohh so very much Daddy’s prized possession!

Daddy’s fingers wound in my hair giving a gentle tug back so He could kiss me. Mmmmmmm…..slow, soft, gentle, possessive. He pulled me in deeper and deeper with His kisses and hands in just the right places until i was moaning, almost a bed, “Daddy…! Mmmmm… Daddy!” over and over.

Daddy rolled onto His back, pulling me along. He whispered in my ear, “Inside… kitten on top”. Another kiss that made me weak before releasing me to obey. i couldn’t resist kissing Daddy’s lollipop!!! i love the way He responds to me, His smell, His taste, everything about licking, kissing and sucking Daddy’s big lollipop! Hips thrusting into my mouth as He started to moan. “That’s my good girl. Ohhh yes, take it all… that’s my good lil slut!” as i sucked Him and rubbed my wet clit in tight little circles.

“kitten on top” He growled. i sank down on His big cock begging Him to claim me again. OMG! He thrust up hard and deep fucking me so i couldn’t forget who i belong to!! Hands on my hips pulling me down, forcing me to take all of Him. i started to scream. “Daddy! Ooohhh Myyyy GOOOODDDDD, Daddyyyyyy!!!! Fuck me, Daddy” i begged as i started to cum. Unrelentless, He thrust deeper and harder until i came a second time. He ordered me to lay down.

i collapsed next to Him, shaking! Daddy hadn’t cum yet. He held me close whispering, “Daddy has you, little one”, as He stroked my hair and back. He held me patiently while i returned from subspace. i was weak, disney, thirty and unable to move for what seemed like forever. Daddy tipped my face up to His asking, “Daddy did good?”. i giggled, MmmmmHmmm Daddy”.

We made our way downstairs for ice water, a spoonful of peanut butter and a popscicle for me. Daddy was hot and thirsty. i was still shaking and barely back from subspace when we headed back upstairs for bed.

Daddy got in His tuck in position, ready to say goodnight. i’m a good girl! i didn’t curl up in His arms! i layed down with my head on His thigh and started sucking on Him again. Daddy was surprised! 😉 Made me want to suck Him and please Him all that more!! Up and down His shaft, stroking and squeezing His balls in my hand, massaging Him with my lips and tongue. Daddy came really fast filling my mouth with three big swallows! i made sure to get every last drop! Mmmmm!!!

Then i crawled up into Daddy’s arms as He panted. Held Him tight as we rolled into our sleeping position. kitten on Daddy’s back holding on tight for a piggyback ride to the moon!

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