D/s wearing work boots

i talk often about real life D/s and how it works in my home. We live it 24/7. There are no holidays or time outs from our dynamic. Daddy is always Daddy. i am always His little one. We’ve gone through sickness, financial stress and a myriad of other things. When things get hard is when we pull on our D/s work boots and work all that much harder.

Life just got all kinds of real over the weekend. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that we’re having some major plumbing issues. We’ve been without any running water since Saturday. We don’t have nearly enough money to start the repairs. I’ve been trying to reach my lawyer on home related issues for weeks now. Still nothing! At this point, it’s imperitive i hear from her so we can get our home repaired and prevent further damage.

i had some bad asthma last weekend and it worked out pretty quickly. i relapsed into worse lung issues last night which meant it wasn’t gone… it was pretending to be better! An extremely common thing for me.

Daddy’s been going non-stop at home and at work. His best friend is coming to visit in 6 days. He hasn’t seen her in nearly 10 months.

It’s not pretty in our house right now. Yet we soldier on in keeping with our D/s roles. Daddy’s shoulders are getting mighty tired from carrying the burden with no relief in sight. i’m exhausted from being BIG all the time lately. Handling important phone calls that are Daddy’s job normally, trying to manage a home without a drop of running water, going all day and late into the night to handle the things i can while Daddy’s gone and being up and available like a good girl with a meal prepared and a smile when Daddy gets home really late. The days begin again. We’re both irritable, exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally and just so over this whole thing… yet we keep our boots on and work together to get what we need done.

my poor body quit earlier. i couldn’t hardly walk because my lungs were so restricted. Exhaustion took over and i had to sleep. Daddy tucked me in on the sofa while He sat in His chair watching American Pickers. (One of His favorites!) i woke up to the doctor calling. Off we trudged to get my Prednisone. Miracle drug, but it’s so hard on me!!!!

When we returned, i promptly dozed in and out watching The Da Vinci Code (one of my favorites!) until Daddy got back from a little shopping. Normalicy at last!!!

Air mattress on the living room floor because it’s really hot and i’m too tired to climb the stairs more than necessary. i stretched out after a turkey sandwich Daddy made for me. Daddy sat in His chair just behind my head softly stroking my hair. little at last! Daddy’s calm, reassuring touch reminded me once again that even in the midst of chaos, we’re ok. Daddy & kitten can get through anything!

Daddy works tonight. He’s so tired!!! He tried sleeping down here with me, but it wasn’t working. Tired, cranky and very Daddy He went upstairs to sleep in our bed despite the unreal heat up there. Once again, Daddy pushed Himself too far to be sure i was ok and that things are under control as much as possible before a nap and work tonight. We’re so alike. Burning the midnight oil to take care of each other in the ways we do.

While He sleeps, i’m blogging a bit. Considering what i can make for dinner in this scorching heat to treat Daddy a little bit. Thank Him with my gift of service for how hard He works to provide for us and take care of us. All stress of the plumbing disaster is aside until tomorrow when the day begins anew and we must deal with it yet again.

Kinky sex is the last thing on either or our minds right now. Right now, real submission is needed. Not following orders for the joy of play, but the ones that matter most in helping Daddy. Understanding Daddy’s need for me to be healthy, first off, not pushing myself so i’m really sick. The little things matter now. Cook dinner for Him before He goes to work. Have the house a little straightened up and comfortable before He gets up. Be patient and respectful when He’s crabby and irritable from the stress we’re under.

When all is said and done, this is real submission. Following commands, even when you don’t like them, and kinky sex are the easiest parts of being a sub. When things are rough and everyone is stressed, it’s up to us subs to reach down inside and care for our Doms in the ways we know matter most and stay quiet even when He’s wrong or struggling to be nice. Stress will pass. The payoff is always great!!! i have a responsibility to grow my submission to Daddy whether He demands it or not.

Work boots off tonight while i cook dinner. 😉 Barefoot is always my favorite! G’nite.

6 thoughts on “D/s wearing work boots

  1. I am working on exactly what you described here! I truly want to be a wife who stays in submission, not just when it’s easy and convenient, but especially when times are hard. This is Eve’s curse we all have to bear after she ate the one freaking apple she wasn’t supposed to LOL! That’s what Adam tells me when I sometimes groan or complain about something I have to do… “shouldn’t have ate the apple” he says.

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    1. I certainly am not perfect at it!!! 🙂 My husband loves that I am a not perfect sub. Means I’m my own person with thoughts and everything that goes with it…. haven’t slipped into slave mentality. We each do our best and at the end of the day, we remember that this is a lifestyle we chose and how much it means to us.

      He got home this morning and gave me a big hug and thanked me for taking off my work boots to make Him dinner last night. It means so much when i get that acknowledgment. ♥ Makes me tear up…

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      1. You said it perfectly! I’m feisty and my mouth is what most often gets me into trouble, but that’s also one of the things Adam loves about me. No one wants a mindless robot for a mate. It is a wonderful feeling when he acknowledges the times that I am able to do something well. A simple hug or kiss and a few words of appreciation mean the world to me as well ❤️

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