Stick ’em up! You’re about to get sniffed!

Kink fixes EVERYTHING!!!! ;*

Great afternoon at my friend’s house!!! Good conversation, i taught him how to make refridgerator ice tea. The dogs played. Then it was time to come home. Yeah, i took a peak in the bathroom. It’s ugly, but that’s not totally what this post is about. It’s about how KINK and playfulness can make just about any situation better!!! i mean, really… how many times does a sub want to be spanked until whatever hurts goes away?! A good fucking is always a great mood lifter! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 😉

So, i’m chatting with Daddy. He’s having a rough time. Long, stressful day. He rushed out the door without a lunch. Daddy is exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally. i can tell, even through typed words.

i went searching the internet for the picture above. i ♥ ♥ ♥ to sniff Daddy’s armpits!!!!!! It’s turned from a straight kink of mine into something playful between us. There’s still the kink component, but there’s also the times i get in there and do the serious sniffing. You, the bloodhound on the hunt kind of sniffing. ;P Daddy just giggles and lets me go at it. Something so fun and silly can instantly shift a mood for either of us. It all started because i just LOVE the way Daddy smells!!!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find pictures even remotely related to armpit sniffing that aren’t gross deodarant ads? This is the best i could do that was even remotely sexy or funny. i sent it to Daddy just before i started writing this post.

See? Life goes on! Kink goes on! Sweet, cuddly kitten brats are good at fixing everything with their kinky playful ways. ♥

4 thoughts on “Stick ’em up! You’re about to get sniffed!

  1. OMG!!!! You just gave me the chills!! I had no idea this was your topic for this post! Just liked the title, and it was linked in the email that shared your comment on the piercing piece. (And thank you so much for taking the time to read, no less comment about positive changes you see in me…wow😘). I, literally, was lying in bed last night, He sent me a photo of Himself in bed, with His pups (6 rescue Pitbulls!). His arm was up and just the lighting in the photo…I swear, I was craving to smell His armpit…His neck and chest!! I totally get this instinct in you!! It was like screaming inside me last night, and here you are saying exactly that! Sub connection, I’d say! Great post!

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    1. *giggles* Thanks!!! ♥ i think this is more common and natural than people are willing to be honest about. ♥ Smell is our most intimate attraction and memory of people.

      You are SO welcome for the compliment. 🙂 If you have time and are interested, I just started doing a 30 day writing challenge about submission. I’m bored… and an over acchiever, so I’m already up to day 4, but i’d love to read your thoughts on your journey. 🙂 subbies unite!


      1. Love that! Saw them this morning and didn’t realize it was already part of a challenge. Won’t have time right now to write for 30 Days straight, but I certainly can grab some of your questions and answer myself!! Thanks again😍

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