Practice in Patience & Acceptance

Today, i get to practice what i preach. Patience, acceptance, gratitude.

i went to use the downstairs bathroom not long after Daddy left for work today. i found the entire bathroom floor flooded. Neither of us have used it at all today so i knew it wasn’t an overflowed toilet. i ran upstairs to deal with the immediate need at hand, grabbed a huge stack of towels and headed downstairs to call Daddy to ask what, if anything, i need to do before He gets home… aside from dry the floor.

Daddy’s voice went from calm and glad to hear my sweet voice to His worried voice. He tells me to mop up the water and turn the water off from the toilet and sink. Easy enough. i got them done. Hmmmm…. then i see where i think the water is coming from. The pipes under the sink aren’t leaking, but the water seems to be coming from under the vanity. Have i mentioned that this bathroom is adjascent to the water heater?

Daddy calls me really quick to ask me if there’s water on the floor under the water heater. Of course there is!!! i’m not panicked about getting these things taken care of. Honestly, i’m not sure why not. i was more worried about having to clean up the water in there… it’s full of yucky stuff!!

We have one of those one piece, stackable washer & dryers. It came with the house. Not what i wouldn’t chosen. Well, the heating element has been out of whack since i moved in. It finally died a couple months ago. With the hot weather, making a trip to the laundromat to dry clothes once is a while isn’t bad. Often, i’ll hang them outside or around the house. Save the planet! 🙂 Gotta say, right now, i’m thinking about how i’m gonna get all these drowned towels and rugs dry.

What can i do about this right this moment? Honestly? Not much. We’re living pretty close to paycheck to paycheck right now. Payday is in a couple days. i turned off all the water to the bathroom. i’m checking for more water leaks regularly. i’m staying calm. i’m looking at this as a just another obsticle. In the grand scheme of things, a leaky water heater isn’t exactly like the Titanic sinking. Daddy is getting quotes on repairs/replacements as i write.

Today, i’m looking at perspective. Funny part, i started talking to a friend who shared a few things going on in his life and i had an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Best part, he said the exact same thing about me. 🙂

my rant about gratitude yesterday came at the right time to help keep me in perspective, too. i could be all up in arms and whining about the water heater, the dryer, not being able to fix… or not sure how right this moment. All those feelings of out of control and worry. Instead, i look around and i’m grateful to have a home with 2 bathrooms and a waterheater to go bad. i have insurance paid in full just in case of damage. The weather is hot enough to dry my stuff if i get out there. i have a husband, Daddy, in my life who helps me manage these things. We can laugh about it and have already determined that it’ll be one of those things that’ll be a selling point when we get ready to move to New Hampshire. We’re also able to see that in a few week or months issues like this won’t be such a struggle. i have so much to be grateful for despite having wet floors in a few spots of our home and needing a new waterheater.

i didn’t cause this situation. Life happens. i can’t control or fix it myself. Whining and worrying doesn’t help… it makes me incapable of moving forward and taking care of it. All in all, my day and life are pretty fricking awesome!

6 thoughts on “Practice in Patience & Acceptance

  1. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I’ve been there before. When I was in university a nasty storm caused a storm drain that ran under our house to become clogged forcing all of the water up and into our basement. It wasn’t a pleasant experience – and it’s SOOOOO EXPENSIVE to hire a plumber.

    It sounds like you’re handling it well. I really hope that it’s easy to fix and sort out. It also sounds like you’ve got a good support system in your better half, so getting this sorted out should be okay. Man, I can’t imagine having to deal with that. I’d be so annoyed. You seem to have handled it so well!

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    1. Thanks! I did until I didn’t. lol I had to shut off the water main to the house earlier this evening to stop the bathroom from flooding. I went to a friends house to wash & dry all my towels in the meantime. When I got home I had to pee desperaely… only to remember I don’t have a working toilet in the entire house. *sigh* First world problems, I know. Im still annoyed at the whole ordeal. More than anything…. WHY do they always happen when my husband isn’t home?

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      1. Ohhhh…. i guess!! lol I don’t like it. I figure it out one way or another, but doing it is hard and overwhelming. Had my bestie not been available and nearby i’d have water still leaking. lol I might have stayed calmer that way actually. lol My poor husband is exhausted and overwhelmed. Busy night at work and coming home to problems here.


  2. For us, for whatever reason, these kinds of things always come in threes. If a toilet breaks, we can be sure 2 other things are going to fail shortly. We had a dryer quit, our fridge CATCH ON FIRE, and our dishwasher started leaking huge puddles of water from underneath it a few years ago. That all happened in the span of less than 2 weeks! I really do hope y’all have better luck than we seem to with stuff like that lol The thing is, I got a really great new dryer AND a new washer out of it. A friend of ours had a fridge they were going to sell and instead they just gave it to us. And, my husband’s other friend was a plumber, so he came by and fixed our dishwasher, no charge. So, what originally seems overwhelming and impossible, can very quickly turn into no big deal. We’re so blessed to have great friends and, like you said, to have a home with things like dishwashers and water heaters. I hope y’all are able to get things fixed up soon!

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    1. Yes, that’s very much the case!!! Things always come in 3’s and it’s never quite as awful as I think it’s going to be. Last night, I told my husband in the midst of the flooding that these repairs will be a selling point in the sale of our home. We’re planning a move to New Hampshire in a few months. I’m happy you got wonderful things in the return of your things going out. ♥

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