While Daddy Sleeps

It’s Wednesday again, Daddy’s day off. He went to work last night exhausted. i hate to see Him pushing Himself that way. This morning He didn’t unwind before bed, He just climbed in next to me and was out. There’s no waking Daddy unless the world is coming to an end in our immediate neighborhood!

While Daddy sleeps, i have some kitten time. i see a long, hot soak in the tub happening very soon. Wash my hair, shave my legs, relax with my sexy face mask on. lol

A trip to the dog park seems in order, too. Ruffi loves that more than just about anything else. It’s quiet relaxation for me, too. Outside, relaxed, not a worry in the world for that bit of time seeing Ruffi sooo happy makes it more than worth it!!

my brother-in-law called really early today. He was returning a call from Daddy. i haven’t met any of my in-laws yet, so i’m not quite sure what to talk to them about on the phone. Seems i’ve reached a celebrity status and everyone is dying to meet me! lol (Daddy’s words, not mine.) i know i’m awesome, but…. 😉 Seriously though, Daddy was a confirmed bachelor who didn’t want the life of a boring old married guy. When i came along, Daddy started talking marriage right away. His family can’t wait to meet the girl that Daddy settled down for. 🙂 i asked Daddy’s brother how he likes our news of moving back East. Seems he was delighted! That’s been everyone’s reaction… aside from “how will you cope with the cold?” lol Yes, he asked me that today, too. All i can say is that i don’t know. i’ll manage.

Since Daddy is off today, i’ll fix a really nice dinner. 😉 Saw recipes in the newest copy of Food & Wine magazine for soft goat cheese bbq’d in corn husks, bbq’d watermelon and corn salad. We have some pretty steaks to go with all that. i don’t like the briquette fire bbq’s by myself. i’m a little afraid of the flames. lol Should see me with a match!!! hehehehehe i panic a bit.

On my agenda while Daddy sleeps, too, is to print a few of our pictures. In all the time we’ve been together, Daddy and i haven’t printed a single picture of us! A nice surprise for when He wakes up.

i miss the days when Daddy first got here. i was up just a little before Him and i fixed Him a hot cup of tea and buttered toast. i sat at His feet often with my head rested on His knee while we watched TV. Thing i can start doing again…. things i want to do again.

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