Good Morning!

Woke up this morning with a smile for the first time in days! Not only a smile, but a full breath and feeling like I’m not about to die!!! I’m rather fond of living. 🙂

Last night was BAAAAADDDD, so it had to be better! lol Was anything but funny last night. I was weak and would’ve cried if I’d had the energy, I felt so bad. I did a breathing treatment and slept from 6pm all night.

I woke up to Daddy standing over me making sure I was OK. It would’ve been funny if poor Daddy~Daddy wasn’t worried about me. He’s a nervous wreck when I’m sick. I get it! I mean, I don’t just get a cold. I’m on antibiotics for the better part of a month plus a round of Prednisone and maybe an additional inhaler. All you have to do is look at me wrong and my lungs are in trouble.

Breakfast was lightly toasted gluten free bread (I was too hungry to wait! 🙂 )with peacan pie flavored almond butter, half a banana and a slice of Daiya cheddar cheese. Sounds awful, but it was sooo good!!

The 700 Club show surprised me on the channel I was watching a bit ago. I can’t deal with that show at all! Food channel is almost always safe. I’m listening to a southern gal in the background making “healthy” southern classic desserts. Light & healthy carrot cake? Keep telling yourself that, Honey! No such thing as a healthy cake. *Muttley Laugh* May be lighter in calories, but cake is far from healthy. 🙂

Gonna get dressed soon and take my little guy to the dog park & for his pedicure. 🙂 He’s dying to get outside for more than a quick walk around the neighborhood. He’s starting to tell me he’s mad at us with his “adorable” naughty behaviors. He doesn’t do them at all when he’s out enough. I feel bad! Really, I do! I can’t exactly take him for long walks and to the dog park when I can’t walk to the bathroom without exhausting myself. Today is all about my little boy! ♥

12 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. I’m sorry that you had a rough night last night. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better today.

    From reading what you had for breakfast, it sounds like you eat like I do. I have to eat gluten free and dairy free. Do you do the same? I have such a hard time trying to explain to people why I don’t eat real cheese and why I buy things like Daiya. It’s kind of nice to find someone who knows.

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    1. I do! Dairy, gluten and soy free. WHen I’m on my game, I’m sugar free, too. I have a disgnosed gluten intollerance that makes my life hard. lol I’ve been on an “eat anything” diet for a bit now. I think it’s why I got so sick. 😦 Back on target again. I’ve found Daiya to be relaly good. I bake most of my own breads and stuff. (sorry for typos… no glasses on right now)

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      1. Do you get horrible inflammation from eating gluten? For me, if I eat something that has gluten in it, I just feel like my whole body is in pain. My mom used to tell me ‘That’s arthritis dear’. I was like… I’m 30. I don’t think it’s arthritis. I figured it out late last year what the real culprit was. Stopped eating gluten and a lot of the problems I was having disappeared. People that don’t experience it, though, have a hard time understanding.

        Daiya though, that’s a really good brand. You’re a lot more motivated than I in baking your own bread. Sounds like you’v

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      2. The joys of being a housewife, V. I have time!!! 😉 Inflammation, YES!!!! 4lbs of water retention with the first bite. It goes up from there. Eventually every joint in my body hurts along with exhaustion, irritability, mood swings. I’ve had my HAIR hurt from too much gluten!! Ugh! Few people get it. I was having dinner with a woman who said she was “gluten free.” She proceeded to order a meal so loaded with gluten I was stunned. She asked me how meat can contain gluten. lol Gluten is in EVERYTHING!!!! 😦 I’ve become one hell of a good cook since finding out I’m intollerant. The pay off is worth it.

        Speaking of that…. baked chicken tonight. Better get it started. Instead of beer can chicken, I’m using a gingerale with lemondade. Hope it’s good. 🙂

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