Day 3 of this asthma flare and I’m exhausted beyond words. 😦 I sat in the recliner all yesterday with quick trips to the bathroom and occasional kitchen stops. Of course I felt better! I didn’t move at all or do anything.

I took a shower and got dressed about an hour ago. I’m so tired I can hardly see straight. Not sleepy tired. Not breathing well is a special kind of Hell and exhaustion.

Daddy has grounded me to the sofa/chair/bed until I get the proper meds on board at my doctor appointment tomorrow. He’s finishing laundry I tried to do yesterday morning and grabbing essentials from the grocery store. I wanna be outside and doing things so bad. I’m just too tired to walk to my door. Today, Daddy’s orders are easy to follow.

Back to the sofa with a pillow and watch Pioneer Woman for a bit. I hate that show so bad I can’t believe that Daddy and I watch it nearly every day. We watch it for the joy of bitching at how bad it is. 🙂 Her style of cooking is like seeing a horrible train wreck you try to look away from, but you can’t. Yeah, that’s why I watch Pioneer Woman.

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