Bestest Daddy

Daddy says i’m little about 70% of the time. 🙂 Almost all of that is happy, fun, playful, flirtatious, cuddly kind of little. When i’m sick i’m more little than usual. Imagine a 5 year old having a tantrum because she’s sick, tired, hungry with more whining than you can deal with. Sadly, this is me when i’m sick. Add into the mix my constant need for attention and cuddles. It’s a hard road to walk… for both of us. lol Daddy is always patient with me and takes such good care of me.

Daddy tucked me in bed yesterday after lunch and i slept until it was almost time for Him to come home. i dragged myself downstairs for food and water before crawling into Daddy’s big recliner with Ruffi and a soft blanket. Daddy brought some orange juice home for me.

i was watching a Scooby Doo movie on Cartoon Network when He got home. Cartoons make every little girl feel better! 🙂 He sat on the sofa and i layed down with my head in His lap bundled up in my blanket. Daddy stroked my hair and back. No place is better than Daddy’s lap! It’s been my favorite from the day we met. i struggled to stay awake til the end of the movie.

i felt the whiny kitten starting to come back. “i’m really sleepy, Daddy. Tuck me in?” He told me that i can’t go NiNi without Daddy tucking me in unless He’s not home… and He hates it then. Tucking me in is one of Daddy’s favorite things to do. Last night was the first time that Daddy and i didn’t go to bed at the same time. Felt kinda odd, but i was too tired to care much. He tucked me in and snuggled me tight for a little bit. Forehead kisses, tip of my nose, lips… and back to my forehead. i barely remember Him leaving or climbing in bed beside me an hour or so later.

More cuddled naps today and a simple lunch. Quiet, restful day to get me on the mend. Daddy knows just how to keep me down and rested. He left for work not long ago. Kisses, cuddles, orders to rest and stay quiet. Easy to do today. i don’t have the strength to do too much. my breathing is better, but still not ok. Naps are naturally occurring. He teased me about being a good girl and not becoming a werewolf (like Shaggy did in the movie last night). i had to giggle and ask Him if that held true even if i were a werewolf race car driver beating Dracula. 🙂 He has to think about that.

It’s hard for Daddy to leave me when i’m sick, especially asthma stuff. He has to go be Daddy and handle grown up stuff, but He’s only a phone call away if i need Him. He worries about me. i miss Him more than usual when i’m sick. 8 hours might as well be 8 months. He’ll be home soon… All of the quiet time with Him has helped me feel better. i’m still whiny and little, though…. needing my Daddy.

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