Leash soon, Daddy?

Late last night i looked over at Daddy as we watched TV and asked, “Leash soon, Daddy? It’s been a long time…” He said what He does so often, “Soon, kitten… soon.”

i was disappointed, but respectful. “i understand, Daddy.”

Knowing His little girl, He asked if i’d noticed He put it away earlier in the day when we’d had company. i shook my head, “No, Daddy, i didn’t.”

i thought it stayed on His nightstand because He keeps forgetting to put it away. Silly kitten!! How could i think such a thing?? Seriously?! Daddy is organized and neat. Everything has a place and everything in its’ place. 🙂 (We’re the same in this way.)

“I think about it all the time, kitten. Why do you think I put it away?” His look was gentle and loving. He knew i was wondering why it’s been so long since He’s snapped it around my neck, if He’d forgotten.

i didn’t have an answer. i was smiling on the inside, where it counts. i knew He put it away because He thinks about it and wanted it hidden to protect me. Then i smiled at Him, almost shy.

i wasn’t expecting at all what He said next. We’ve talked about a formal leather collar and leash often over the time we’ve been together, but it’s not something we’ve really moved forward on. In our hearts and the commitment, my wedding ring is His collar i wear all the time.

“I want kitten to have a real one. A leather collar and leash.” i’ve wanted a formal collar from Daddy since we first met and He collared me. Since it hadn’t happened and talk of it ceased for a long time, i’d accepted that it wasn’t important to Daddy. Our commitment was more important than the outward sign of His ownership. A collar won’t make me any more His than i already am.

i didn’t have words to say what was happening inside! i still don’t, really. Excitement, love, devotion, an additional level of submission i didn’t expect. i felt more loved that i can begin to express. Daddy hasn’t gotten me one because He wants me to have the best to show the world how proud of me He is. He didn’t want to get me something cheap in the interim until He could afford what He really wants.

my passing comment about leash play in the bedroom with an old puppy leash we found around the house turned into a new level of love and devotion between us. So much more sitting under the surface than i ever could have imagined. ♥

Daddy never ceases to amazing me with just how much He loves and adores me.

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