Toasty Tuesday

92* here in the beautiful wine country. There’s a beautiful cross breeze flowing through the house right now. We’re almost to the hottest part of the day… 5pm here is when the witching hour of death hits.

Cooking seems like a horrible idea! Rainbow sherbert isn’t gonna hold us all day. πŸ˜‰ Maybe I’ll throw some country ribs in the Showtime rotisserie? We’ll see. I’m almost thinking about pulled pork… Decisions, decisions.

Today is Daddy’s Friday. He’s trying to get a bit more sleep in after last night’s graveyard shift before He goes in for the next one. We can’t keep our hands and lips off each other, but it’s just too hot for sex! Long, wet kisses each time we pass each other. A caress of my breast and a soft hand to his crotch with a little sucking… all teases until we can find a cool moment to make love. It’s been a while since we’ve had sex. It feels like forever, but I know it’s not really that long.

Have a friend of my mom’s coming for lunch on Thursday. She’s like a grandmother to me. Just love this woman! It’s the first time she’s seen my new house. Well, I still call it new, but I’ve been here since December of 2017. I lived in my other house for nearly 17 years. A year and half feels new. lol We’re a couple towns apart now and she doesn’t drive this far. At 89, I’m not surprised. Daddy and I arranged to pick her up and come for lunch this week. I’m trying to figure out what to cook then, too. lol For a girl who loves to cook, my motivation and repertoire are lacking today.

Guess I’m just passively avoiding the housework I need to get done. Ugh! I took two days off to just rest. Now I have to get back into my groove and it’s hard! I haven’t had that Monday feeling in years!! lol I never let things get bad, so it’s just routine sweeping, mopping and straightening up. I don’t wanna do anything! lol

No more avoidance tactics! Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…. I’m off to sweep the floor. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Toasty Tuesday

      1. You and me both. β™₯ I just finished a quick “therapy” session with my friend whose marriage is seriously on the rocks. Yikes. People walked me through it, now I get to help another…


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