As the heat breaks

I’m sitting on the sofa curled up like a cat with sweat dripping down the back of my legs and pooling in the bend of my knees. Feels awful! The position is comfy, my favorite.

Country ribs are simmering on the stove in a kitten’s kitchen special spice blend. Smells so good! Can’t wait to dig in. When will Daddy wake up? *giggling*

Master bathroom cleaned once again. Counter tops, sink and appliances scrubbed in the kitchen. All of the wood in the house is gleaming with the shine of a fresh orange oil polishing. The house smells beyond good between the two!

I got motivated to get things done as I looked at an antique table I picked up years ago for a song and dance with the intention of refinishing it. We won’t talk about just how many years I’ve had this table. *ahem* I cleared off the table and pulled it into the middle of my living room floor (Don’t tell Daddy!) and started sanding it down. After a cursory sanding it seems that nearly all of the coating has worn off with age. There is a gorgeous patterned inlay which I was afraid was painted and I’d lose it. I’m delighted! Once I started cleaning up that mess, I found myself on a roll and going. Not hard once I find that one thing to get me motivated.

My bestie stopped by with the dogs inviting me on a walk. With the food on the stove I can’t really leave. Gotta feed Daddy before He heads off to work. I’m hungry, too! BFF’s in one of those life scenarios where he’s needed to make some serious changes for a long time and he’s been able to avoid them. Life is throwing him all the things he needs to finally push him into movement. He’s afraid, worried, heartbroken, angry… and a million other things. My heart hurt as I talked to him. I can’t tell him I know this what needs to happen. All I can do is tell him I love him and I’m there to walk through this with him. I’m his friend. That’s what friends do.

Dusk is here. The purple and pink sky is peaking through the trees into my living room. Wish my camera was right here… ♥ The heat has subsided almost instantly.

Daddy is beginning to stir. Time to turn off the computer and serve my loving Master. ♥ G’nite all…

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