Furniture Shopping

Today didn’t start out quite so nicely. I woke up with a headache that shot through my right eye like an ice pick and I felt… hungover. I wasn’t! Just that exhaustion and general icky that goes with one. Daddy and I made a date to go look through the new furniture store downtown. Grand opening. I could hardly contain myself as I got ready. Daddy came upstairs to hand me a ginormous packet with a letter in it that just about pushed me over the edge. I ranted for about a half hour before I pulled it together and got myself out of it. I had a plan. I put a call in to my lawyer and told her I was dropping off these documents and then Daddy and I followed through with our trip to the furniture store.

Before we even walked in the door I was oohing and awwing about beautiful pieces. Suffice it to say I’ve found a new favorite store to peruse. 🙂 This is a hobby my mother and I shared. Not something I’ve had anyone else to share it with in a long time now. I’m uber delighted that Daddy enjoys this like I do.

Daddy moved into my home already furnished. He brought a handful of things, but nothing worthy of saying His mark is truly in our home. It’s really exciting for us to shop for our home. We have some differences in style, but for the most part we’re right on target with each other. Our love of wood is a true meeting of the minds!

In the several hours we wandered through this store looking, touching and sitting in nearly every sofa and chair we passed, we must have decorated our home 4 times over. LOL

Seems we just may have picked a sofa set. We were both drawn to traditional furniture. A camel back grey tweed sofa with silver nail head detailing with wing back chairs in a classic large floral print in a complimentary pattern. Both way more comfortable than they look. I couldn’t find a picture to go with this.

I’ve wanted a round dining room table longer than I can tell you. Funny thing is, I’ve bought two dining room sets and neither of them was round! LOL Daddy and I saw one today that we both really liked. The more I think about it, the more I think I might want to look a few more places before we make a purchase. The price tag on that set was pretty hefty!

This is it! What a beauty, huh?
Detailing on the table top.
How can ya not love those pedestal legs?

It’ll be really fun when we actually place our orders! For now, I’m excited by the ideas of all the beautiful things we saw and the anticipation of making a choice.

Our shopping trip was just what I needed today. A sling shot back into the now with a reminder that life goes on despite the bumps.

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