The Vine

Love grew in a loveless place. Dark and dank, full of sadness and grief. Yet, here grew a thriving vine covering the heavy doors keeping the lovers apart. He stood on one side and she on the other, but through the green vine of their love the could see each other. The hearts of the lovers touched and knew other long before the flesh ever did. One day they looked up to smile and saw the vine had completely covered the thick bars. She reached for them, as she often had, but felt no metal beneath the vines. She cried with joy as she was able to pull open the door. He stood in amazement not knowing quite what do to. Her hands stretched out to hold his somewhat shakily. The magic of their touch rushed through them both. He pulled her into his arms and held her as their hearts had done many times before. For first time, the lovers made love. So sweet and tender were the caresses and loving kisses. They later walked free hand-in-hand from the dark and loveless place knowing the power of their love could conquer all put in its path.

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