The Pond

Here I sit looking at the pond. Ripples float by and never seem to end. The reflection is the sky and trees. Very pretty indeed.

People walk by and pay no mind to one lone person here, crying out inside for someone to talk to. Lonely, lonely, lonely! This I don’t understand. So many friends have gone with the passing of time, but there days I must face standing alone.

A smile, look, or even a hello isn’t quite enough to fill my void of loneliness. I need someone to know me for who and what I am, not just another face mixed in the collage.

Is anybody out there feeling like I do? Lost in the hustle and bustle, and lonely enough for two? How much more can I bare?

My pit is getting deeper! I hope someone will come along soon, so together we can fill our voids, and not be the ones looking for a companion deep within the reflection of the pond.

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