Sharing my poetry…

I’ve been a prolific writer all of my life. It may not be the greatest work ever created, but it speaks to where I am in this journey we call life. As a teenaged girl I journaled… a lot!!!! I also began writing poetry. My poetry stayed with me for many years. My most recent poems were sadly lost when I locked myself out of another site I used to write on with regularity.

There are many things I can share and talk about openly without a shred of embarrassment. I can talk about my sex life, my dreams and fantasies. I talk about my mental illness and growing through that. Sexual abuse? Yeah, I can talk about being raped as well. The only thing which makes me feel vulnerable is sharing my poetry.

I’ve shared a few of my favorites which meet a standard of quality I’m willing to share openly. Until now, I’ve not even showed my husband my poetry. In fact, I’m not sure he knows it exists? (If You read it and didn’t tell me, don’t tell me now, Daddy! lol)

Most of the poetry you will find here is written in mid twenties, about the time I was going through my first major depressive episode. The kind of depression that keeps us locked in our rooms with little to live for, or so it seems. There are also my young love poems to all the boys who never had the chance to see how amazing I am. lol These are private, personal thoughts and feelings poured out on paper.

The first time I shared my poetry outside of a high school classroom, I was shot down harshly as being untalented by my family. It makes it hard to share. I have no illusions of being the next Edgar Allen Poe. Hopefully a few will at least enjoy the childish ramblings of a young woman putting her heart on paper.

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