Restful Saturday Night

Before Daddy left for work today i asked His permission to have a quiet, do nothing kind of day. He just stared at me in shock like i’m new. lol He’s always trying to get me to slow down!! He says i do too much. Then He smiled and said, “Of course, kitten.”

i spent some time this morning knitting on the silk/wool blend sweater i’m making myself. That’s always nice and relaxing. The pattern isn’t exciting at all, so i’m losing interest pretty fast at the moment. my next color change will pep up the excitement. 🙂 Good thing i have months to get it done.

Daddy slept in… or i got up early? Either way, i spent time before He got up posting some of my poetry. What a joy to see the positive response i’ve gotten from it!!! i almost have no words. LOL That’s huge for a girl who almost always has something to say. Thank you for taking time to read it and like my work. It means a lot.

i mentioned that i’d kill for an English muffin when Daddy was awake and cognizent. The look on His face told me to put my shoes on. *giggles* Next thing i know we were down at the local donut shop. i introduced Daddy to buttermilk donuts. 😀 Today i told Him to get His own because i won’t share. *giggles* Maple frosted buttermilk donuts and a blueberry fritter to share. Neither of us had even heard of blueberry fritters. Heaven… absolute, melt in your mouth heaven. We have a new thing now. YAYYYY!!!!

Seeing a trend about my do nothing day? 😉 i finally get there, don’t worry. Daddy left at His usual time, around 2:30pm and i settled in with Ruffi for some TV. Around 4, my bestie called and asked if i wanted to run downtown with him. i jumped at the chance before he could hardly get the words out of his mouth! lol We have a one car family, so when Daddy’s at work… i’m at home all by my lonesome. Most days it’s ok, but every now and then i just NEED to get out. Today was one of those days. A quick trip downtown for a stop by the FedEx store and an iced coffee at Peet’s coffee shop next door. The people watching on Saturdays is amazing!! 😉 (A hobby of mine.)

i got to try, note the word TRY, to talk my friend off a cliff when he got an incredibly unnecessary parking ticket. He’s one of the most disorganized people i’ve met in my entire life! lol i love him to death, but keeping on top of things… even small things… is beyond him. Brilliant? YES! Just lacking all sense of time and basic organizational skills in the realm of real life. He was hysterical even when we got home. i’ve never been so happy to be home in, well, a really long time. lol

Ruffi and i settled in together once again. Reruns on TV for noise as Ruffi sat next to me catching up on emails and chatting a bit with Daddy. Friend is back at the front door with his two dogs on harnasses ready for a walk. Dropped everything and went with him. Ruffi was beside himself waiting the minute and a half to get my purse and put his leash on. lol You’d think the little guy never gets outside!

Two hours later and i’m waiting almost patiently for Daddy to get home. i have nice quiet meditation music in the background soothing me and the environment. Chicken cacciatore (excuse my spelling) simmering on the stove with the smells of garlic and fresh basil wafting through the house. At this point, the chicken is falling off the bone. Hope Daddy loves it. First time i’ve made it for Him.

All is quiet. i’m relaxed and refreshed. Though my day was busy and filled with more than a few humorous moments, i made the time to relax and do nothing as Daddy always wants me to do more of. Few more minutes until He’s home.

Good night, friends. Another good day has passed.

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