Humiliate me, Master?

NSFW- Adult Content- 18+ or move along

She was blooming out of her shell and daring to explore new things. She trusted him implicitly. In their nightly chat, she asked Master to humiliate her in public. His deep chuckle said it all. “Of course, babygirl. Text me in the morning, as always.” She glowed with anticipation. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but she was elated to play with Him once again.

Their play would be by phone. He was out of town on a work project. Good morning texts were per usual. Playful banter and flirtation. “What would Sir like me to wear today?” she asked. She knew the answer. He always liked her to dress in very short skirts, blouses with deep cleavage and high heels. He liked to show off His property! Today would be no different, except He demanded she go out sans panties. She had a big meeting to attend where there would be a lot of men around. The idea drove Him wild of His babygirl taunting them all the while serving Him secretly.

She dressed and sent photos for Master’s approval. He was pleased and was quick to offer His approval and praise.

Rarely was she disobedient. The worst thing for her was to displease Master. It wasn’t even the punishment, it was the mere knowledge that she’d disappointed Him. Today, she would disobey her Master. She wore panties under her skirt fearing it was simply too short. Her embarrassment overruled her need to please her Sir.

Her phone was buzzing with incoming texts the entire way to her meeting. He was strict with her about texting and driving. A punishment she didn’t want again! Once settled at her meeting she texted back that she’d been driving.

It began, “Did you wear panties, babygirl?” Her heart was racing and face flushed, “No, Sir. My skirt is indecently short.” He was quick to reply with a hint of displeasure in His tone, “Take them off. Now.” She started to panic! The moisture on her thighs grew as she crossed and uncrossed her legs struggling to hide her went panties and level of turn on. “Sir? Please, don’t make me…. i’m sorry i disobeyed.” She hoped He’d be soft on her today. He showed no mercy as her Master! “Go to the bathroom and take them off right now. I know you’re embarrassed.” She was flushed from head to toe. “Yes, Sir. i’ll be right back.”

She stood and climbed over the row of people and across the room to sneak into the restroom. She quickly removed her panties and tucked them in her purse hoping they wouldn’t be seen.

Once back in her seat, she told Him it was done. He commanded her to send Him a picture. She began pleading with her Master. He urged her in His coaxing way making her want to obey. Everyone around her knew something was going on. She was not herself. She was distracted and didn’t look up from her phone. He was growing short with her, “C’mon babygirl, take a picture for me.” She spread her legs as far as she dared and snapped a picture of her bare pussy and wet thighs. Her pubic hair could be seen and a hint of her soft, pink lips. She sent the photo to Master.

He looked at it and immediately told her to take another with her legs spread wider. She was in subspace. There was nothing except her and Master, everything and everyone around her were vague. He had successfully humiliated her. She was filled with shame with degrading thoughts about her being a slut running through her head. She felt an inch big, invisible, yet the center of the room like all eyes were on her. Fear set in as she begged Him to not make her take another.

There was no letting her off this time. She could not beg herself out of obeying. His commands became sharper and more demanding. She was so far in slave space that she lost all words except begging, “Please Sir, i can’t. Don’t make me.” Master was losing His patience as she begged and pleaded the same words over and over. She was riddled with fear, anxiety and more humiliation than she could handle. She couldn’t use her safeword. It was gone, lost in the midst of the feelings surrounding her.

She was lost in the humiliation of taking her panties off like a slut in the middle of group of men and taking a picture. She was humiliated she couldn’t please her Master. She was beside herself with no out. She couldn’t run or hide or curl up in Masters arms. She was in a world of constant humiliation with each moment worse than the next. Fear for her safety in the group of men won out and she told her Master, “No Master.” The worst humiliation of her life was experienced in that moment that she could not please her beloved Master.

Tears burned at her eyes. He was angry with her threatening her position as His slave. Her heart was breaking. Her world crumbled around her. The humiliation was greater than she could stand.

She turned her phone off. She was up and out the door of the meeting before it ended. The moment she was alone tears flowed down her cheeks. She felt broken. She wanted so desperately for Master to hold her and tend to her as He always did after intense play sessions. She needed to know she was still safe and loved, despite not being able to obey His commands. Fear washed over her again that she was alone in the world again without Him.

9 thoughts on “Humiliate me, Master?

    1. It was the moment that ended my last relationship before Daddy. It was such a painful moment. Erotic as Hell and so much fun… until I was pushed a bit too far. I would love to do something like this again with Daddy, just with the safety of being able to say enough. I should tell Him that! 😉


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