Puppy Love

i’ve been struggling with exhaustion, pain and just general ick the last couple of days. i had the good sense to call my friend over for a puppy play date and chat. We spent the better part of the afternoon together.

Told Daddy on His way out the door that i’d try to find my smile before He gets home tonight. Well… i succeeded!!!

Watching Ruffi play delights me more than i can say! Watching him play with his little friends just makes everything better!!!!

my body is still a bit icky, but at least my mood and frame of mind have returned to a point of wanting to be around myself again. lol Yes, i have that level of irritability where i don’t even wanna be around myself. It sucketh bad!

Enjoy pics of the puppies! ♥

Ruffi being a good guard dog ♥
Ruffi and Jesika doing their thang. 😉
Jesika’s such a pretty girl ♥
BellaDonna with her Daddy, my friend.

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