Wild kitten & Master strike again

NSFW Adult Content– 18 and older only!

Master subdued the assailant for His Wild kitten. Master had him shackled in iron chains, blindfolded, and frightened of what’s to come!

Subdued by Master, awaiting the punishment Wild kitten & Master would meter out.

Wild kitten walked in to the sight of him helpless and suffering. Guttural laughter of sheer delight bubbled up knowing what she had in store for him!!

Wild kitten circled Her prey eager to begin. his tiny little dicklet shriveled to almost non-existent. Just the place to start.

“Hmmmmmm….. such a pathetic little, almost dick for a man of your stature. How could any woman be satisfied by that tiny nub?” She gawfed as he tried to defend himself. The pleading was already starting, the begging to stop and begging to know “Why me? What have i done?!?” as the tears started.

Wild kitten gloved her hand, he doesn’t deserve the humanity of her touch. She slapped his face HARD! The leather stung sharply against his face leaving an imprint of her fingers across his chubby cheeks. “Awwww… sissy little crybaby now? Ha! So much for the man who tried to dominate with his size and fake alpha demeanor! Just a little bitch now, aren’t ya?”

he struggled against the chains. “Answer me, bitch! Are you a fagot, sissy, bitch now?” riding crop striking the underside of his fat belly. he wimpered. “Answer me!” stepping on his puny little dick. “Y-y-y-yess?” came out more as a plead than an answer.

“Tell me sissyboy, do you like touching yourself? Trying to pleasure that tiny dicklet of yours since you know you can’t please anyone else?” putting more pressure on his balls, nearly crushing them. Tears streamed down his face as he fought to try and answer. “Ohhhh…. i see. Seems your too ashamed to admit that you jerk off and leave the mess for others to clean up. Filthy pig!!! Who would fuck something like this disaster of a sissyboy?!”

Master stepped forward delivering 3 sharp kicks to sissyboy’s kidneys. Master growled at him, “Be a man for once…. try bitch… try!!!” Master released his shackled arms from the wall dragging him forward as he struggled to keep up. The weight of the heavy chains making it difficult to conform.

Wild kitten towered over him, screaming at him to behave, showing dominance to watch him cower as sissyboy did to their sweet little dog so many times before. Master and Wild kitten laughed watching him cower and cry as he fell prey to his own behavior.

Master removed the blindfold before shoving him forward into a grimy, disgusting bathroom. The floor covered in years of filth and other men’s piss sprayed all over the floor and toilets. Shower stalls orange and black with the filth of bad hygiene. Wild kitten handed him a toothbrush and bleach, “Scrub, slave! You will not leave this room until it shines!” he began to lug himself through the dank room scrubbing through his sobs. Master repeatedly found something wrong with his work and sent him back to redo it. Master yanked the chains harshly, laying sissyboy flat on his ugly face in the filth. Wild kitten’s booted foot pressed against his head, pressing it hard into the piss covered floor. “Lick!”, she exclaimed! he sobbed. “Lick the floor like the filthy little man you are!” he was defeated, submissive… he was finally ready to serve and do as he was told. his tongue licked the floor, slopping up the mess of other disgusting men.

Wild kitten ordered sissy fag boy to kneel. Master and kitten laughed watching him struggle against the heavy chains and the weight of the humiliation pulling him down. When he reached his position, a group of men circled him, cocks hard. he cried. Tears streaming down his face. he begged for it to stop.

The men drew in closer. Wild kitten shook her head in disgust at the pitiful heap of disgusting male flesh before her. She reached over to take Master’s hand as the best part was yet to come.

he kneeled, sobbing, begging…surrounded by a group of Sadist Men eager to dump their hot loads all over him while getting hot from denegrating him. Wild kitten purrrrrred in Daddy’s ear watching this pathetic joke of a man suffer intolerable humiliation after months of boundary violations, animal cruelty, fucking his slut in their home, leaving his filthy cum rags for another to clean up after his nightly wank. Wild kitten was hot for Master watching it suffer!!!!

Screams filled the dank bathroom as the men shot cum all over sissyboy. Drips slathering him from tip to stern. Cum mixing with his tears.

Sissyboy locked in a permanent cage without a key.

He was left kneeling for the final punishment. Master gagged him while Wild kitten pierced his bruised and sore balls over and over before locking a cage on his tiny little sissyboy clitty. The key flushed down the industrial toilet as the pathetic little man watched, crying.

Master released the chains, giving him one last slap, “Learn some respect!! Aren’t you embarrassed?!”

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