Frustrated and Angry

As I wrote about the other day, the renter is out!!! Unfortunately, the saga isn’t over yet! Of course he left a few things here. All of them virtually useless and not worth much. Yet, I am responsible to give him the opportunity to get them within 2 weeks time. He’s called 6 times today and once last night. He’s relentless and pushing boundaries big time!!!!

The man didn’t clean even once during his time in my home. I’ve scrubbed his bathroom quite a few times during the time he was here so that I’m not losing property value on his horrible hygiene. He didn’t do so much as wipe out the toilet before he left…. leaving me with over 2 hours of hard core scrubbing after his departure!!!

I didn’t imagine that he’d leave things like that and unfortunately allowed him to use his deposit as the last months rent.

Had he just let things be and not called me an unreasonable number of times today, I may have been cool about it and just let it go with the beauty of him being out of my life. Pushing boundaries with me is never a good idea!!!!

I was about to come unglued earlier!!! So irritable I felt myself about to spontaneous combust!! I had to stay in most of the day because I had a doctor’s appointment by phone at 2pm. By the time I got out, being out only helped minimally. Retail therapy is always helpful!!!

Then home with Daddy watching stand-up comedians with a half gallon of ice cream and a spoon in my lap! Halloweentown is helping distract me… yet I had to deal with the tenant issue which is not likely soon to be over. GRRRRRROOWLLLLL!!!! Just set it all off again.

Breathe, Jodie… breathe!!!! The end is near in sight…

Once again, I sit trying to let go of my frustrations with the man Daddy and I called DAST (short from Dumb Ass Swamp Thing) for the longest time. Soon it’ll be all done… soon!

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