It’s the Weekend!

Wednesday and Thursday are the weekend in our house. I’ve always liked having weekdays off. Easier to do things and getting errands run is simpler, too. This week, I’m particularly grateful for a mid-week weekend.

The renter situation is drawing to an end. The drama factor is overwhelming at times. Waiting til the last minute to deal with his housing situation is NOT MY PROBLEM. I’m not taking on his emergency as my problem. I can’t listen any longer.

Last night Daddy and i went for a short date night. Today we’re heading out to the beach and perhaps a walk through the redwood trees. Away from the house. Just us. No drama, no fuss. Time spent together that’s not stressful and a lovely reminder of why we’re together.

In the back of my mind I have a fail safe “get the renter outta my head” plan. Today it’s put it all away and go have fun with Daddy and Ruffi.

Til next time…. 😉

One thought on “It’s the Weekend!

  1. We were celebrating J’s day off by doing all the crap you can’t get done on the weekend, i.e, meet w financial advisor, get car inspected, do a big run to the wholesale Club w/o the crowds.

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