Good girls wear fur

Daddy & i share a love of fur. Few things make me feel more beautiful or sexy than wearing a fur. Add stockings, pearls and pretty lingerie and i’m in the mood for love!

i waited for Daddy to come home ever so patiently. An hour ahead of time i began getting ready. Black fox fur swing coat with hood all trimmed in silver fox over classic black fishnet stockings, red teddie and matching red stilettos. i had Daddy’s cocktail fresh made on His table waiting for Him as He walked in the door to me kneeling at the foot of His chair.

The look on His face said it all before the words came out of His mouth. “RAWRRRRRRR kitten. That’s such MY good girl.” When Daddy roars it sends sexy shudders through my entire body knowing that i will soon be devoured as my Daddy Lion’s prey. He took my hand leading me upstairs. Daddy always follows. (i love that!)

He pushed me down on the bed pinning my hands above me. He growled over and over right in my ear as He kissed my neck and earlobes. “you’re MINE. you belong to ME” roared in my ear. i couldn’t lay still, my entire body was already reacting to Daddy. i struggled to get the words out, “Yes, Master, i’m YOUR property… only YOURS.”

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