The Final Week…

Before Daddy came home to live with me, I rented a room in my home to help cover the bills and have some extra spending cash. The time has long since come and gone for it to be time for this renter to move on!

He gave notice for the end of May. Then some drama came up and it changed to the end of June on a verbal. I gave him formal written notice on June 1st. We are down to the final week. I’ve reached the end of my ability to tolerate the not so little things any longer.

It happened today. He came home with the new that he may not be able to move in with his girlfriend as planned. Doing so may end in her being evicted from the place she’s lived for the past 10 years. Ugh!

I feel bad. Really, I do. His poor planning and drama are NOT my problem. Daddy and I are sitting calm with the firm boundary that the end of this month is move out day.

I’m a bit irked that here we are at the 11th hour and once again drama strikes. Just one more reason to not ever have roommates or renters again.

6 thoughts on “The Final Week…

    1. No, it should go very smoothly. He’s already made plans to stay with his mom, if necessary. Here in California, there are also some very nice rental laws favoring the owner. This situation falls into that category. A single tenant in a personal home where it’s owner occupied removes nearly all of the tenant laws protecting the tenant. It’s closer to a family situation. He’s leaving… it’s more a need for me to express keeping MY boundaries strong and not offering a few extra days, etc.

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