Tail Tales

Now, i can’t talk about tails without slipping into my giggly little space! i just can’t! *giggles* i have a couple of tail tales to spin tonight which may bring giggles into your house, too.

Anyone who reads my blog with any regularity knows that Daddy calls me His kitten. We share a pretty serious fur fetish which works purrrrfectly with the Daddy Lion and kitten theme. 😉

i met Daddy a little over a month before my birthday last year. i was so excited about Him and my birthday and well… just about everything that i made sure He knew when my birthday is. *giggles* One day He slipped into conversation that He ordered a birthday present for me and it should be delivered just in time for my birthday.

You guessed it! Daddy sent me a fluffy, furry pink tail attached to a small metal buttplug. i just about giggled and bounced myself silly waiting to talk to Him! With a 3 hour time difference and Him working graveyards, talking time was always late in the evening unless He happened to be up for a bit that day.

Daddy’s bratty girl waiting for Him in her tail

First thing i did? Try it!!!! i’d been secretly wanting a pretty buttplug for some time. i hadn’t told Him, so it was an even bigger surprise. Now, you can’t begin to see how loooong this tail is! *giggles* i’m tall… 5’8″ and it drags on the floor unless i’m wearing REALLY high heels! *giggling* Yeah, it makes Daddy laugh when He sees it, too, although He loves it for a million reasons. He always growls like a primal Daddy Lion when i wear my tail…. and i hate that!

Here’s where it starts getting funny. 😉 Daddy loved my tail soo much that He ordered one for Himself. *giggles* He didn’t get pink! He’d look sooo adorable in a pink tail! 😉 i mean, Daddy looks so good in my pink shimmer lip gloss and lipsticks. i can hear Him now… “kitten…” with a grin ear-to-ear pretending to scold me for doing what He loves best. Teasing Him!!! ♥ Now anyway, where was i? Ohh… Daddy’s tail is a luscious fox tail in natural colors. It’s really pretty!!! All i’m gonna say from here is that Daddy discovered two things when He got it. 1. Size matters and 2. His bottom is exit only! i couldn’t stop laughing when He was telling me about it. It’s been lovingly coined, “The Doorknob” due to the shiny metal and size of that plug. i almost had an asthma attack from laughing at His description of it and His attempts at… installation? *giggling*

The tail tales continue to last night. i haven’t worn mine in a little while. i forget about it. Last night i pulled it out of my drawer and got all ready. Tail in, cutesy pink cupcake panties on, my rainbow and heart socks and a green tank top. Playful and little on the inside deserves a little on the outside, too! i called Daddy upstairs for a minute to find me stretched out on our bed waiting for Him. All of our furry toys spread across the bed. Daddy growled and gobbled me up, He did! All play almost came to a giggling end when He playfully chomped on my socked foot and i said, “Taste the Rainbow, Daddy!” Daddy let out a belly laugh and i seized in almost unstoppable giggles. i stopped before Daddy needed to gag me! Darn it… ;P Another time!

i was about to remove my tail and i asked Him if i could try His. Daddy never says no to things like that! He hands it to me and tells me to be very careful, not to hurt myself. It hurt a tiny bit for a second, but then it was gravy!!! Comfy and it swished really nice! i had to show it off!! Walk n swish. Walk n swish. Hmmmm…. then i needed to see it for myself. Up on the bed, butt facing the mirror so Daddy could see, too. Ass down face up and a few swishes. *giggles* i heard Daddy’s growling beginning again. i snuggled up with my head on His tummy looking up at Him. We were both tired! 2am and several orgasms each. Quick kiss and Daddy headed downstairs for a quick snack and turn off all the lights.

i started performing surgery removing that giant buttplug. It was a little harder coming out than going in! i tugged it the first time and the tail popped off it! i started to panic!!! “OMG it’s gonna get stuck!!!” was my first thought, followed by having to ask Daddy to help me. Once i realized it was all fine, it hit me that the furry tail had come off! i got it out before Daddy was back. What did i see? Not a broken thing at all. Underneath the tail is a ginormous green heart-shaped gem at the base of the buttplug. Neither of us knew that it has a detachable tail!

i got all cleaned up and toys put away, bed back in order as i waited for Daddy’s return. There the doorknob laid all pretty like nothing had happened. “i have a surprise for Daddy” i said with a hint of brattiness as i picked up just the plug end showing Him the green heart gem. Daddy’s jaw almost hit the floor when He saw it followed by laughter when i regaled the tale of removing the tail.

If anyone says tails are boring, i’m here to tell you otherwise! *giggles*

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