Mental Health

I have experience and education on all sides of mental health. I’ve worked in the field. I’ve been formally trained in college. I’ve gone through major therapy. I’ve experienced medications. The list goes on.

I just read a blog that irked me to my core! Someone posted his theory on treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by drinking prune juice. It supposedly stopped his panic attacks, improved his self-esteem and a few other things.

All I can say is NO!!! To anyone who reads blogs like that and hears a new perspective on treatment…NO! Look farther!!! I was stunned that there were quite a number of comments approving of his line of thinking and asking for more.

I was instantly taken back to a conversation I had with a client years ago. I was working in a residential facility at the time. She came into the office in a panic. She asked me for a bar of Dove Soap. Due to health and safety rules bar soap was not permitted in the program. I offered her a different type of soap, but she insisted on Dove bar soap. She became really upset and fearful that we didn’t have any. Ultimately, I asked her why she needed that particular soap. She told me she was using it treat cancer by putting the bar soap up her nose.

Her feelings were real. The Dove soap may have settled her down making her symptoms less in that moment. Her delusions were not treated by the soap, nor her anxiety around her delusions. It may have been a temporary crutch.

My point being, boys and girls, things like prune juice and Dove soap don’t treat mental illness. Take a step back and consider the possible validity of what is said to keep yourself and others safe.

Sad thing to me, the kid posting this theory isn’t getting the help he needs because he’s caught up in these thoughts and people not saying NO and urging him into treatment.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. What a bizarre idea, to put soap up your nose. There’s some serious validity to what you’re saying though. Seriously. People should not be promoting these bizarre treatments as a means to treat actual very serious conditions. Especially when someone is mentally ill they’re soo vulnerable to stuff like that. It would irk me too if I had read that.

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    1. Indeed. The woman was schizophrenic so her thinking was way out of reality. The sad thing to me about this guy is that he’s insisting he’s right and can convince people if you just do it! As you said, he’s calling to cure a group of the most vulnerable with a snake oil pitch. It seems to me that he is quite mentally ill himself. He should be getting treatment rather than what he’s doing. If only we could control other people! I have the answers for everyone else all locked in place! lol


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