Far Away

I’m a California girl. Born and raised, 2nd generation. I’ve lived within 100 miles of San Francisco my entire life. I’ve traveled minimally. Not for lack of want, but life just hasn’t taken me that direction.

I’ve had 2 opportunities in my life to pick up and go anywhere I want. Do what I want. Both times I did what I thought I was supposed to do. Stay close to home and family. Don’t venture too far off. Truth be told, that’s the furthest thing from who I am inside!!!

I traveled half way around the world to meet a man who would later become my ex-husband. I had no idea how the whole thing would work out. I saw what I wanted and I made it happen!

A decade plus later, I met Daddy online who lived across the country. Once again, I hopped on an airplane for a week with Him and we’re married with a life together.

When my mom died about 5 years ago, I inherited a home nearly paid for in a rather good part of California. I knew eventually I’d sell the house and get what I wanted. The day came that I put the house on the market and was ready to launch into a whole new life on my own. I wanted desperately to go far away. Go to a place I’ve never been. Experience a way of life I’m not familiar with. I got talked into staying local and settling for a life I didn’t really want, once again.

From the first months of our relationship, I have talked about wanting to move back East with Daddy. Sell my home and go! This isn’t something I could do all by myself. A cross country move is not a small thing! So, Daddy came out here and we’re all settled into our life together with all of our plans starting to come together. I’ve never stopped talking about moving back to New England.

Together, we’ve chosen our destination. It couldn’t be farther from my home in California and any different from my way of life if I tried! Our plans are still young and far from fruition, but we have a declared path. Sunny California wine country in a city with 150,000 people to an itsy-bitsy ski town in New Hampshire with a population of about 2,500 people. We have a dream home all picked out. Others like it have sat on the market for nearly a year, so our fingers are crossed that we can have this exact house. Giant move from the suburbs to the country on almost 2 acres of land, hiking and snow mobile trails leading into Maine and into the New Hampshire mountains and a house nearly 3x the size of what we live in now.

We haven’t really told anyone because other’s opinions and advice always find their way into everything the minute the words are spoken (or written). Daddy’s a Boston guy! Talk about hard to make a big move. He got the shocked looks and stuff at His decision to leave there in a permanent move. He did it! He loves California! He doesn’t even miss the white Christmases. LOL When I’ve talked of heading back East in the past, I get all of the same things about leaving California. The weather! The real estate! Blah, blah, blah. Now that our minds are made up and it’s not a question, I can say it.

We’re moving to New Hampshire!

I’ve not made drastic decisions in where I live, but I’ve made them in all other areas of my life. I’m definitely a risk taker. Always have been!!! The last time I told someone I thought my life was boring and not terribly exciting they laughed in my face! LOL Not all of my choices have worked out like I anticipated. I’ve never regretted any of them… aside from the times and areas I’ve chosen to be conservative and do what others consider the “right thing”.

Planes fly both ways! The only time there is no choice is when I’m dead. I look at this move as being one of my biggest adventures! The risk factor is significantly lower than many of my other big choices.

I’ll keep ya updated on the progression of our plan. Follow me all the way to New Hampshire! ♥

2 thoughts on “Far Away

  1. I lived the first 30 years of my life in Connecticut and Massachusetts; the winters of 16 below zero, the snow / blizzards, the rain in summer, the 90 degree heat and high humidity in summer, whew. Don’t get me wrong my roots are there. “Ya can’t get there from here,” a Downeast / Maine folklore expression. I have friends in New Hampshire – in the central part of the state near the Vermont border. More on the New England mindset: https://psychesweather.wordpress.com/2017/03/07/exploring-perception-a-new-england-mindset/

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    1. The Mr jokes about that saying with the accent to go with. 😉 We’re looking at a tiny town near the Maine border in the White Mountains. I know it’ll be cold! lol I can just not leave my house for the winter months. I’ll be a squirrel and prepare. 🙂 I’ll miss seeing you, though. ♥


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