People Suck!!!

I’m about to burst with my need to scream and beat the crap out of someone!!!

Have I mentioned how much I HATE Facebook? This is why!!!

I get it, I posted a controversial joke about global warming and Noah’s magical zoo boat. I think it’s hysterical! Granted, I’m just about as atheist as one can be. My husband is, too! He’d think the meme was hysterically funny! Some of his friends did not!!!

I got sad emoji’s and comments about hate speech being sad against Christians. It’s NOT hate speech! Calling me a DemoNcrat and calling me a baby killer because I’m a liberal is more hate speech than poking fun at Noah’s Ark.

I’m going to be honest here, unfollow me if you need to. I have little to no tolerance for the attitudes of the majority of White Republican Christians. There are good people in EVERY group. I have friends and people I love and admire in every group of people!!!

Stop taking EVERYTHING so fucking personally!! A joke can be just that…a joke. Cruelty and name calling directed at an individual is NOT funny!

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