Not what I planned…

When I got up this morning, I didn’t plan for my day to go as it did. I’ve enjoyed the day immensely. Just haven’t gotten done any of the things I wanted to. Guess there’s still time. The evening is young? šŸ™‚

I got up early and vacuumed, my very least favorite chore! Have to admit, I do rather enjoy frightening the dog as I chase him around the house. *giggles* I’ve never said I’m not a little evil, have I now?

Daddy got up a little after I did. Fixed us a nice lunch and got Him all settled and ready for work tonight. He leaves mid-afternoon for a swing shift. Makes for a long Saturday night on my own every week.

I got 2 beautiful loaves of egg bread in the oven shortly after He left. OMG is that bread good!!! It’s 100% gluten and dairy free. I ran out of hone and substituted maple syrup. I’m drooling again thinking of how that bread tasted fresh outta the oven!!! I usually take pictures, but somehow missed it today.

I had a cake or some other type of sweet baked thing on my agenda, but that got tossed aside when my bestie called wanting to come visit. He brought his two dogs and the 3 of them ran all over this house! Upstairs, downstairs, bouncing off my bed, around the living room and back up again! Few things make me happier than seeing and hearing puppies play. They play together often, so they’re their own little pack. Ruffi is the only boy, so he was on high alert and showing off for them. šŸ˜€

Bestie and I talked and giggled as we always do. Caught up on what’s going on since we visited last. Mind you, we only live a few doors down from one another… :)… we talk almost daily!! He had insufferable hiccups, so we stayed in rather than going out. I gave him a few spoons of peanut butter to help them go away and some strong tea. Never did settle them, but he didn’t leave hungry! lol

I’d planned on ironing my fabric for my quilt and attempting to get my sewing machine up and running smoothly. It always gives me a bit of drama at first! I’ve lost all motivation at the moment to do anything besides snuggle up on the sofa with a good movie and talk to Ruffi. lol Every time I make that a plan, I end up busier than ever!!!!

Now that my plans have been set askew and I’m a little tired, I have no idea what the rest of my evening holds in store for me. Plans were made to be changed, I think. lol

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