Creative Juices Flow

As winter turns to spring each year, my creative juices begin to flow in a million directions.

Cans of paint fill my garage for the project I’m waiting to do or leftover from the ones I did over the last few years. My spare bedroom is a craft room/office. The closet overflows with yarn, knitting and crocheting implements, pattern books along with yards of various fabrics I’m yet to sew. I’ve tucked away an ugly picture I bought years ago painted on wood, intending to make a loom out of it. (I need Daddy’s help with that project.) I have a desk full of card stock and various crafting paper, pens, pencils and drawing materials.

Best part of having all this creativity? I do some of all of it! I’m better at some than others, but I actually do all of these arts and crafts at different points.

I’m taking a break to blog as I let the 2nd coat of paint dry on the side table I’ve been working on. Once this coat is dry, I will drag it into the house once again until I get the proper sealing agent for the decorative paper crafting I’ve chosen for it and chosen the pictures I want to seal on top.

Here it is! Almost finished.

I’m curious what my next creative task will be. The last few days I’ve found myself drawn back into genealogy which has pulled me away from my blog… yet another of my creative outlets.

The shimmer of wet paint is almost gone. I’m getting impatient! What will I do next? Only time will tell….

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