Morning walk by the creek

Slow morning waking up for us both. Ruffi had been quiet as long as he could tolerate it and began futzing around the bedroom trying to wake me up without jumping on me. It worked. It almost always does.

Breakfast and cuddles with Ruffi…it was time for a walk. A nice long hot shower is always my favorite way to really get my day going. I woke up a little stiff and achy again this morning. I stood in the bedroom towel drying my hair debating what I wanted to wear.

Daddy’s eyes opened and i heard “There she is!” as i dropped the towel. “Can i get in with Daddy?” He patted the bed next to Him pulling back the covers. i climbed in snuggling up tight. He kissed my forehead and stroked my hair as He said “Good morning, kitten.” i looked up at Him smiling, “Good morning, Daddy.”

Ruffi saw us snuggling and kissing and did what he always does. Came up between us for his morning hugs and kisses. i told Daddy i was getting ready to take Ruffi for a walk along the creek and asked if He wanted to come along. He did. 🙂

i wore cut-off jean shorts, pink tank top sans bra, and my pink puppy socks with tennies. i grabbed Ruffi’s leash, putting it over my shoulder, and off we went to the creek behind our house.

We got all of about 5 minutes from home, when Daddy turned to me and slid the leash around my neck tightening it to lead me. Daddy walked tall, shoulders pulled back, chest puffed out walking His kitten. i dropped a step or two behind Him with my hands tucked behind my back. Our conversation continued as usual, though the power exchange was clearly felt between us… it was palpable.

Two ladies walked by. We took notice, though continued on in comfort as we saw them struggle not to stare and they both went dead silent until they were well passed. We chuckled a little bit. Daddy made a comment that if either of them were bloggers, we’d be the topic of today’s blog. *giggles*

We reached a main street which crosses over the creek. All three of us stopped waiting for the old truck to pass with the man inside. i stood beside Daddy with the dog at my side. The man couldn’t stop staring. Just as the man drove by, Daddy said, “That’s right. My life doesn’t suck at all.” i giggled asking Daddy if He liked taking His kitten and puppy out on a walk. i heard a low growl quickly followed by MmmmmHmmm.

Just before reaching the end of the creek trail, Daddy took the leash off commenting it looked a little too tight. i nodded my agreement and thanked Him. He pulled me in tight for a kiss. i reached for His hand wrapping my fingers in His. Daddy always tucks my thumb under His. 🙂 Few things make me feel more loved or safe than this simple action.

We walked home chatting about life and plans we’re pulling together for next year all the while taking joy in watching our puppy dog run, play and sniff.

Another wish ticked off my list of things to do with Daddy, be walked on a leash in public. How i love my Daddy!! ♥

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