My birthday has come and is now winding down. The day has been all I could have asked for. Well… almost. Earth shattering sex would have been the crown jewel, but that will come soon enough. 😉

It’s pushing 9pm and the heat hangs in the air so heavy it’s all I can do to move. There is no relief. A/C, cold showers and splashing around in the cold pool have been little more than bandaids to get through the day. After this freezing cold winter with endless rain I’d forgotten what summers can be like here.

I woke Daddy up with giggles, tickles and sweet nibbles on His ears. 😉 He never likes being woken up, but I did choose a good way to go. He knows His babygirl just couldn’t wait any longer.

By 10am it was already over 80 degrees outside. The A/C had kicked on to keep the cool we’d managed to wrangle up when we shut the house up tight at 7am. I hate the dark. Not outside dark, but dark inside the house if I’m not sleeping. It really does a number on how I feel. Headaches set in along with sadness and the sensation of being trapped. Unusual feeling for me. I actually love to be in tight, closed spaces. They feel safe.

The pool called us, luring us to go outside for a refreshing dunk. Suits on, sunscreen slathered head-to-toe we headed for the pool. Daddy was brave and went straight into the cold water. Splash! He was calling me to come on in. Compared to the 100+ degree weather, the pool was an ice pond! Cool took me over as I slipped all the way in. Daddy laughed telling me He loves me as I complained for a second that I was cold. 🙂

An hour, maybe more passed by of us swimming, laughing, splashing. I got hold of a couple of frisbees and splashed Daddy with both hands drenching Him. We laughed til it hurt. I took every chance I got to splash Him. Just as soon as He looked like He’d settled from the last one I’d start another. After about 4 in a row the novelty wore off. 😉

Daddy pulled me into His arms like He was carrying His bride over the threshold. Romantic indeed. Long looks in my eyes, a kiss or two. Then He dropped me! lol Oops! More laughter! After more playful banter and laps, He told me to climb on His back. kitten got her piggyback! ♥ This is one of our things. At night just before sleeping, He rolls over and i snuggle up behind Him and hold on tight for a piggyback ride into dreamland. So for Daddy to put me on His back and carry me around was pretty fun. Hmmmm… my little kitten brain caught the idea to give Him a ride. As I galloped through the pool with Daddy holding on, I pretended to be a seahorse. Off we went into the distance! The waves were knocking me over and He teased me that the bull threw the rider. *giggles* What a great opportunity! I leaned back and dunked us both for the last time. Not long after, we stripped off our suits hanging them on the fence to dry and came on inside.

The A/C felt great!! Cold drinks and a tuna sandwich were in order. Nap time. The heat and our frolicking took a toll on us. No snuggles. No piggyback ride. Just stretched out under the fans on top of the A/C to get a little rest.

It was ice cream time when we got up. Yayyy!!! I got dressed and put on my pretty white dress and shoes. Just a little bit of mascara and shimmering pink lipgloss did the trick. We headed to the ice cream shop to find it gone. Poof! Our ice cream date was changed. By this time the heat was totally unbearable! The car was smoldering even with A/C. Being outside was not an option as was being in the house. Quick change of plans took us to a steakhouse near by for happy hour.

Big overstuffed leather sofa off in the corner with a solid wood coffee table was our choice. I had to twist Daddy’s arm to take the sofa. Not! 🙂 A drink, good conversation and the best potato skins I’ve ever had were a nice replacement for ice cream. ♥ Daddy always manages to make everything OK when it comes to me.

Single guy sitting across the way couldn’t keep his eyes to himself! He was the creepy kind of guy… the one that all girls instantly know to avoid. Daddy always knows what’s going on. Before I could say anything, He was already aware of the guy. I did what I always do. Settle in, relax and let Daddy handle things. We snuggled holding hands and stealing kisses. Whenever I’m out with Daddy, I get to just relax and have a good time. There’s not a care in the world! Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? That’s Daddy’s job. Take care of all the grown up stuff so I can just enjoy. ♥

Coming home wasn’t a joy. 😦 Hotter in the house than outside. The hours of misery when it’s so hot and just not cooling down. Daddy doesn’t handle the heat well at all. He’s not feeling good at this point. He’s trying to nap upstairs to hide away from the heat and get ready for His graveyard shift.

I snuck off to take Ruffi to the dog park. Poor little dog just didn’t understand that it was too hot to take him outside earlier today. He’s not a water dog at all so the pool was out of the question for him. I stayed til it was starting to get dark. Let him run and sniff and bark til his heart’s content.

The house is still. I can hear the frogs singing their chorus in the creek just behind the house and children off in the distance playing. It’s finally starting to cool enough that I can see surviving the night.

Daddy will be up soon and our regular Monday routine sets in. He goes to work and I try in vain to sleep without Him. Perhaps tonight I won’t fight it. Company tomorrow. Clean the house a bit tonight before the heat sets in tomorrow. Snuggle in with Ruffi and catch up on some TV. Maybe finish crocheting a hat I’m working on? Drag myself up to bed when my eyes just won’t stay open waiting for Daddy to come home in the morning and wake me up with a kiss.

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