Stuff to do…

It’s 3am and I’m still going. Well, technically I’m relaxing on my couch chatting with Daddy while He works.

Housework is on my mind and list of things to do. We’re having company tomorrow. Friends of His are visiting from Florida. I’ve not met them and it’s been a while since Daddy’s seen them.

Ticking off what’s on my priority to do list. Floors, quick kitchen wipe down, get something together to serve before we head out. Ohhh… and the downstairs bathroom. See, it never ends!!!!

I was never neurotic about my house until after my mom passed away. I’ve always been a good housekeeper with OCD tendencies in some areas, but not overall. I’ve always been able to settle down and remember that company is coming to see me, not my house. If most people were to see the “mess” I’m worried about, they’d think I was insane! I’m aware!

So, I got a funny in to Daddy a moment ago. I asked Him reassure me they’re coming to see US and not the house while joking about turning into my mother. He replied that I’m not my mother. He married kitten, not my mom. I couldn’t resist!!!! He’s probably spitting ice tea out right now laughing. I replied with “So, i can’t call You my MF?”

Even while my mind goes off in different things and I dream of a new life Daddy and I are planning, my feisty little brat rears her adorable head with a jab that is sure to bring laughter to us both.

Hmmm… floor now. Hop to!

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