you Will submit to Me!

Sir was returning from a long business trip. He was expecting me to be in uniform waiting at the door for Him. This was not to happen!

I had longed to dominate him. Watch him quiver as I commanded him to do My bidding and relinquish his tightly held leash on Me and be My property. The time had come. he had no idea what was about to happen!

The front door clicked open and he came in calling for me, “Babygirl? Where are you?” When he called a second time, there was irritation in his voice that I had not obey his directions.

Heels clicked down the hallway as I approached. There was no French maid uniform. In its place was a micro mini black leather skirt with matching corsette pushing my breasts up high revealing breathtaking cleavage. Long legs in gartered fishnets reaching just beyond the skin tight thigh high Dominatrix boots.

his jaw dropped when I ordered him to kneel before Me. “Your Mistress will not tell you again, boy!” fell from My lips like a slap across his face. he was slow to react. My gloved hand pushed him down by the shoulder to a kneeling position. “Assume the nadu position, boy.” There was no hesitation now. he kneeled before me, hands open on his spread thighs, eyes down cast not daring to meet My gaze. “Yes, Mistress.”

I yanked his head up to look into his eyes before pushing his face into My hot cunt. Leather covered foot perched on the table giving him access to service Me. “Eat My cunt and asshole, boy. Make your Mistress cum all over your pathetic face.” My hand firmly secured in his hair pulling him in deeper, smothering him with My pussy til he’s gasping for air. his greedy tongue probing My tight pink dark rose pushing deeper and deeper tasting Me. “My fuckboy is such a greedy little slut!” I growl just before I push his tongue back to My clit demanding he suck it. Cum drips down his face. his cock is rock hard! “Look how pathetic, you are. Can’t control your cock. What kind of slave are you that you get hard before you’re given permission? I’m ashamed to call Myself your Mistress!”

Apologies and begging My forgiveness are unrelenting from him. “Silence! Do not speak unless you’re asked a direct question of given permission to speak freely.” Shaking My head as I walk around him inspecting the pathetic specimen before Me. “Seems My slave needs training in etiquette and manners along with proper protocol.” Again his head sags as he bites back another apology.

Taking his chin, I lift his head to look at Me. “Assume collar me position.” The smile spreading across his face is endearing. I hold back all emotion. Strict, unrelenting, stern Domme is all he will see for now. I clasp a thick red leather collar around his neck. “For today there will be no lock. Crawl to the coffee table and retrieve the leash. Bring it to me in your mouth as you crawl back on your hands and knees.” he nods his compliance with a quick, “Yes, Mistress.” Leash in place, the fun is to begin.

he crawls behind Me to the playroom. The room is full of assorted toys and pain inflicting devices. I blindfold him with a blackout blindfold leaving him with no visual queues at all. “Get on the bed now. Assume the fucktoy position.” I leave the room allowing him time to lay there and wait, wonder, build anticipation and fear of what is to come. Mistress is not a side of Me he’s seen before. he knows not what lies inside the dark crevices of My mind.

Foot steps. Multiple pairs of footsteps enter the room. No spoken words. Only footsteps.

A hot mouth swallows his now sore cock. Tongue strokes and sucking. his balls swallowed into that same mouth. Moans are escaping him. All touch stops. Riding crop strikes his chest quickly followed by a second on his balls. Begging, “Please Mistress….” Not a word. Only more strikes landing on his flesh leaving welts from the crop. Wincing and moaning as the pain shoots through his body more rapidly with each lash harder than the last. Then nothing.

Across the room a Bull fucks Me. Hard, deep, pounding Me like a pathetic slave never could! I remind My slave, “Another man has to fuck Me to satisfy Me. There is no way your puny cunny cock could fill My pussy and bring Me pleasure.” I watch as he struggles not to touch himself, wanting to desperately to cum. The harsher My humiliation, the more turned on he gets. My screams fill the playroom as the Bull fucks Me into multiple orgasms.

“Clean up the man who made your Mistress cum over and over! Such a sad little cuck, you are. The only suitable job for you is prepping My Bull or perhaps watching, if you are lucky!” A giant cock is shoved in his mouth to be licked and sucked clean. “Such a greedy pathetic slut willing to suck anything put in your mouth.” Bull cums again, splattering His hot jizz all over My slaves face. his tongue is stretching to get every possible drip. “Thank You, Mistress. Thank You!”

I purr, “On your hands and knees, baby.” Obedience is swift and unquestioned. I have taught My slave the benefits of obedience.

My pull on the leash chokes him. I know him well. Breath play is a huge turn on. The tables are turned. Now I am in control of when, or if, he breathes. I release the stranglehold, stroking his hair. “Relax now and catch your breath. Mistress has a surprise for you.” he breathes slowly, deeply filling his lungs with precious air. When I see he has regained comfort, My hand covers his nose and mouth suffocating him again. I watch in delight as his face beg Me to stop and I see the surrender just before panic sets in. Released once more.

A hard cock is pressed against his tight ass. Pre-cum oozes from him. “Forgive me, Mistress? i did not mean to disappoint You in this pathetic show of manhood and servitude. my sole purpose is to serve You and please You.” his tone is tortured and so deliciously subservient. “I will forgive you only if you beg to have your asshole fucked.” The pleading began. The tone of his voice told Me just how badly he really did want to be fucked by another man. The yearning and craving deepening into a need. “Please Mistress, if it pleases You, use my asshole. i want to be fucked in the ass and humiliated to make my Mistress proud of me.” Lube dripped down his asscrack and a huge, hard cock filled him. Hard, deep, fucking him, using him to the fullest. When he began to moan, begging to cum, he was denied. Another cock shoved deep in his throat. I used him like the whore he is! “Take these cocks for me, like a good slut. Deeper! Don’t cum until you’re told. My pleasure is to watch you get used and humiliated servicing your Mistresses lovers.”

Blindfolded and filled with huge cocks til he’s choking and his tight virgin ass is exploding with pleasure and pain. My delight is almost near perfect. I whip him harshly across his back, arms, front of his thighs. he is so deep in subspace nothing phases him besides pleasure and servitude.

Cum slathers his used face and drips down his back to his heavy balls. “Good boy, you didn’t cum. I’m proud of you.” Unable to speak, he merely nods. “You may lay down now. Rest. Leave your blindfold on. I’ll be right back.”

Footsteps departing. Silence again. Doors shutting. Water running. Door opening again. A cool cloth stroking his tired body. Kisses to his hair as I coo in his ear how proud of him I am. As he returns from subspace and regains himself I wait patiently. Blindfold finally removed.

“Welcome home, Sir. i’ve missed You.” His smile says it all. “Hello babygirl. I’m glad to be home.”

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