It’s kitten day!!!

Count down is complete. Today is the day. It’s my birthday!!

Daddy came home from work last night a little before midnight, bouncing in to begin celebrating His kitten! Pictures and kisses and a card that made me cry were the start of my birthday celebration.

Daddy promised to go swimming with me again today! It’s His day off. β™₯ Splashing and playing in our pool is always a welcome treat. πŸ™‚ He took me yesterday, too! Maybe Daddy will let me dunk Him? C’mon, Daddy… Pleeeeeze?! You promised… anything that makes Your kitten happy today! *giggles* We’ll see how that goes.

Ice cream with Daddy is promised later! i’m all ready to go! i know what i want. Cold Stone is my favorite around here. Mmmmmmm…. fresh mixed sweet cream ice cream with walnuts and caramel. What could be better than that?! Sometimes simple is better than not. πŸ™‚ i forgot about the chocolate and nut covered waffle cone cup. Ummmm…. can’t pass up the waffle cone!

Daddy’s still sleeping. Hmph! Should i go tickle Him awake? Pounce on Him with a stream of excited giggles and “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy… wakey wakey! It’s kitten day! Wake up, Daddy!” i’ll give Him a few more minutes. Tick tock, Daddy! my day is slipping away! It’s already 10am and You haven’t given me birthday kisses or played “Where’s kitten?” with me!

i think Daddy has special plans for Daddy & kitten special time. *giggles* Everything with Daddy is my favorite… playtime with Him is my favoritest favorite! i can’t wait to see what Daddy Monster has up His sleeve for His kitten today. β™₯

Patience is not a virtue i have in the mornings! Time to pounce on Daddy and get my special day started!!!! Byeee!!!! β™₯

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