One Eyed Purple People Eater

Yesterday was just off the chain fun in our house! From the time we got up in the morning until we went to bed. Any day that starts off with me begging Daddy for hot sex is bound to be great! Begging in this house is always hot for us both…

Sometime around 5:00 i mentioned that i would like to hit Gary’s again soon. Gary’s is our favorite high end dive bar. Good pool tables and even better drinks. Daddy asked if i wanted to go? After dinner we cleaned up and headed on out.

i always dress to impress when Daddy takes me out. Last night it was a wine colored suede mini skirt with a silver and black sleeveless top showing enough cleavage to get us at least $80 worth of free drinks from the bartender.

We kept the party and fun going after we got home. Music cranked up on Pandora and tons of laughter and dancing. Daddy made a joke about the One Eyed One Horned Purple People Eater. i started laughing as i went upstairs to go potty. i came downstairs singing the song with a giant purple gel vibrator held up to my forehead. Daddy damn near fell out of His chair laughing when He saw me!

i dropped to my knees before Him and started headbutting Him with this vibrator. We were both laughing hysterically! Then the brat came out to play again. Pressing it against Daddy’s crotch got me a hard No! His cheek made Him laugh. Behind His ear got some interest along with the back of His head. RAWR!!!!! He pulled me in for a kiss. i looked up at Him, “May i?” Daddy nodded His approval. i slipped out of my panties leaving my skirt on. Vibe to my clit bringing instant moans. Daddy pulled my head into His lap pulling out His cock. Mmmmmm!!! my lips went around His cock greedily sucking like His horny little slut! His hand pushing my head as i fucked my tight pussy with my toy. i swallowed all of Daddy’s cum just before i came.

Toy tossed aside, Daddy pulled me up to dance with Him to one of the millions and millions of punk songs we listened to last night.

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