Asking for what i want…

i’ve been following a girl’s blog for a bit now about DD (Domestic Discipline). Funny, how i seem to always run into people who have things that i need to see, hear, or remember. my life always seems to work that way… in nearly every area!

The last post of hers i read was about wanting more from her Sir in the D/s portion of their life. As i read her post about some of the things she’d love to have happen, i felt an old need rekindling. Like her, i live in a 24/7 D/s relationship with my husband. Like her, i want… rather need… elements of His control running through all parts of our everyday life.

After i read her post i was overcome by a sadness that my relationship isn’t all i have wanted and needed. my initial way of dealing with it wasn’t the right way. i asked if i could read her post to Daddy and asked what He thought of it. He gave His typical answer. “I don’t know. I don’t think much about other people’s relationships.” i was utterly frustrated because i didn’t get the answer i wanted and pouted ever so slightly. i snapped out of it quickly deciding for the moment it was better to just let things be.

The next morning, i approached the topic again from a totally different stance. i reminded Daddy of the blog post and told Him i think it would be fun and sexy to incorporate some commands and such into our everyday life outside the bedroom. i gave Him examples of cleaning house while He’s at work with specific cleaning orders with photo evidence. Dressing for the day to how it pleases Him. He flashed my favorite of all smiles, the YES smile. The smile that tells me i’ve sparked His kinky mind into new areas. Then He told me He’d like that, too.

The next day when Daddy was at work, i messaged Him asking if there was anything special i could do to please Him before He got home. He told me to make the bed all nice for Him, because He was tired particularly tired that night. i grinned all over myself to have an order from Daddy! i was never so pleased to make the bed!!

The pattern is developing. kitten asking what would please her Daddy…. PLUS Daddy telling kitten things He wants her to have done or for Him before He gets home and even outfits He wants me to wear.

Daddy has a gentle touch for a Daddy Master! He is never one to be harsh or punishing. He knows me so well that He never needs to be. Knowing i’ve pleased Daddy, or will, is enough to keep me compliant most times. On the rare occasion i go too far, Daddy only need tell me He’s disappointed or give me the dreaded Look and all disobedience ceases promptly to be followed with tears and days of the best behavior He’s seen.

i don’t crave punishment or consequences, i’m far too obedient for that! i crave knowing that in EVERYTHING Daddy is in control and i am His property… no matter how sweetly He handles His property.

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