kitten & the Troopah

Daddy asked me yesterday to blog about this story. It’s brought many a giggle to us…and nearly everyone who’s heard it.

Sitting in an airport coffee shop waiting for my flight to see Daddy ♥

I’ve mentioned before that Daddy and I met online and we were on opposite ends of the country. I’m a California girl. Daddy’s from Boston. We hadn’t been talking long when we knew we had to meet. It was just easier all the way around for me to go there… so, off to Boston I went.

So, I was traveling across the country alone for the first time over tired with my dog. I fall sleep midway through the flight and spill an ice cold ginger ale in my lap! What a way to wake up! Please laugh, it’s funny!!

Not too long after, I’m wandering around outside the airport looking for a cab. Now, in all the airports I’ve been at before there have been a long line of cabs just waiting at the curb for you to jump in.

After going back and forth like 5 times with little Ruffi tagging along with me trying not to get stepped on, I walk up to a state trooper exasperated.

Me: Excuse me, Sir, I’m from out of state. Can you tell me how to hail a cab?

Trooper: (Stifling a laugh with a condescending smirk on his face) Sure, Miss. See that sign over there that says “taxis”? Go over there to the left and there will be a guy dressed just like me (showing me his uniform) to hail you a cab.

Me: (Feeling utterly stupid and embarrassed) Thank you, Sir.

I get over there and see a parking lot full of cabs and a trooper standing there waiting to guide me to the next available cab. I feel utterly stupid at this point!

The taxi driver is a foreigner. I can’t understand a word he’s saying. I’ve never been so afraid of anyone’s driving in my life!!! Zipping in and out of traffic but not going anywhere. I had about a 30 minute ride of this. About 5 minutes before getting to Daddy’s place, Ruffi puked all over me from car sickness!!! lol

When this man finally gets me to Daddy, I see Daddy standing in the window watching for me and comes bolting outside more excited than anyone I’ve ever met to see me! I was excited beyond belief, but I was exhausted…

He’s already paying the driver and helping with my bag before I get out of the car. Ruffi and I get out and go over to Him. I threw my arms around Him in a huge hug. Safe at last!!!! I was so relieved. Daddy starts to tell me how beautiful I am and how good it is to see me. I must have looked pathetic as I whined at Him… Daddy, i’m exhausted, Ruffi just puked on me, and the crotch of my pants are cold and wet from spilling ginger ale when i fell asleep on the plane. He laughed a little, hugged me telling me it was all going to be OK. It was heartwarming to us, i was His kitten from the moment we met.

After I was settled and had a nap snuggled up in Daddy’s arms for the first time, I told Daddy about the trooper. He made no attempts to hide His laughter. I got a straight up belly laugh!! Of course this embarrassed me more and made me blush which made Daddy laugh harder.

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