Tail in public?

Today i wore my new raccoon fur tail out in public. 😉 All day long i had this tail clipped to the back of my jean shorts. To say i got looks and comments is an understatement!

Daddy and i had grocery shopping to do, so off we went. i was blocking an elderly man in a wheel chair’s way getting into the aisle we were in. i excused myself with an apology as i moved along. i heard the man say something about being patient. Daddy heard what he actually said, “I’ll wait all day for that tail. She’s a fox and I’m a hound!” speaking to his helper.

Daddy said He was speechless and impressed that this man may be old and in a wheelchair, but he’s still got it going on! Daddy waited a couple hours to tell me what the guy said. Wish i’d heard it on the spot… i’d have swished my tail for the old fella to give him something to talk about. 😉

Yes, this babygirl is an unrelenting flirt and tease!

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