Wild Kitten & Master

My introduction to M/s and D/s dynamics came from a fellow I met before Daddy. This lucky soul taught me much of what I know about protocol, respect and unwavering obedience. It was with this man that I also found my switch. I’d always known the tendencies and desires were there, but I didn’t know to what extent. He was my Master and also my servant.

The joy of switching for me isn’t only the control I hold over another and watching them squirm at my hand. The biggest turn on for me is watching my Dom, my Master fall to his knees in my service. Yes, forced submission of my Master is what gets me hot!!! When all is said and done and the session has ended, I want nothing more than to be submissive and cradled in the comfort and safety of being His cherished babygirl once again.

Daddy is my Master…my everything. He is also 100% Dominant. He allows, no…enjoys, my bratting and pushing the limits. There is no doubt ever that I am His submissive, His property.

I needed to find an outlet for this part of me that desires nothing more than to humiliate and torment men in a way that is fulfilling and acceptable to Daddy. Wild Kitten was born of this creativity.

Wild Kitten is a sexy Dominatrix super hero avenging lecherous men, rapists, child molestors… and those pathetic souls too far gone for salvation. Bondage, public humiliation, scarification are only the tip of the iceberg when Wild Kitten sets her sights on someone.

Wild Kitten is a cruel Domme out for revenge, but she is always Master’s kitten! Domme and Master pair up for scandalous, kinky super hero fun punishing lecherous men everywhere.

Watch for the Adventurs of Wild Kitten & Master….

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