Exhausted and Angry

Where do I begin?

I got up and headed to my friend’s house this morning with my dog so that we could go to the dog park. Friend has 2 dogs. He was totally not ready. He proceeded to go back to sleep for another hour after I got there. I played with the pups, which I always enjoy…but still.

Got to the park after almost 2 hours of futzing. I’m already starting to get tired and hungry.

There was a fight with the small dogs. Haven’t mentioned that my friend’s 2 dogs are small almost medium sized. My little guy is barking and being a referee from the outside. His 2 are in the thick of it. One has another dog’s neck in her mouth pinning it to the ground. Friend’s other dog jumps in and starts in the attack, too.

My friend SAT THERE and did NOTHING. I’m on my feet restraining his 2 dogs the minute it’s safe controlling mine with commands which he followed. This is not the first time I’ve had to control this friends dogs when they’ve gotten into things. Usually it’s the other dog that’s aggressive.

The woman with the dog being attacked picked hers up and started to leave. I asked her if she wanted to stay and we’d take ours home. She refused. I was sick about that.

I finally chewed my friend out. It was an ugly, hard conversation. He started to say that the dogs should have been reintroduced. I snapped and had trouble holding my cool to tell him HE should have been up restraining HIS dogs. The next thing should have been taking HIS dogs home. I went into other stuff about the dogs behavior and how many times I’ve had to handle situations where they should have been taken home, but he wasn’t paying attention. I was livid!!!

Wasn’t even half an hour later before some young kid comes into the park with a young pitbull. The pup seemed sweet and gentle at first. Then it happened. THANKFULLY my little one wasn’t involved!!! I’d have killed that kid. The pitbull attacked an older German Shepard.

The teenage boy jumped into the middle of this dog fight holding onto that pitbull for dear life. The Shepard owner was able to pull his dog back at that point and manage the situation. Of course, every dog in the park is in the area at least watching and barking.

I scooped up my little Ruffian before the dogs were even apart yet. I’m covered in scratches. Small price compared to what could have happened.

The shepard owner yelled at that kid to get his dog out of the park now. He went. No idea if the pit was injured. The shepard was. Nothing too serious. A little bleeding around his mouth. The guy kept his dogs there and let them play.

Home now. Long fucking day. I’m exhausted. Ruffi is sleeping. Poor little boy never fully settled down after the first one. He played after the first, but was on serious Pup Patrol.

I’m feeling the need to take a break from this friend for a bit. Saddens me because he’s such a good friend and I enjoy our time together. This incident has kind of seriously made me question how close to stay and what activities are OK. Dog park trips together are to NEVER happen again.

When Daddy gets home he’ll want all the details. He’s gotten the cursory, Reader’s Digest condensed version. I’m looking forward to hearing the new rules Daddy sets down for this park thing. “Daddy said no” works beautifully at times when it’s hard to for to say for myself. Just hope He’s not so restrictive I can’t take Ruffi by myself anymore.

Needed to vent. I feel better. Still exhausted. Ready for a Daddy cuddle and a long nap.

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