Shhhhh…. Don’t Tell Anyone!

Abduction Fantasies

Stranded. Helpless. Over-powered. Fear in my eyes. Struggling to breathe. Bound. Abducted! These are among the things my naughty, kinky little brain fantasizes about. Daddy brought our joint fantasies into reality.

I walked my dog in the park on a sunny Thursday afternoon oblivious to any danger. Watched Ruffian run and sniff carefree. The sunshine warm on my bare shoulders and legs. A shiver of fear ran through me when the dog stopped to observe the scene around us at full attention. I dismissed it as he went on about his merry way.

I didn’t hear Him! Totally caught off guard. A huge hand covered my mouth and nose making it difficult to breathe as I was pulled into the bushes off the beaten path. I tried to scream, but there was no air!! I panicked as I felt my lungs tighten from the lack of oxygen. Tears began to roll down my face. I didn’t want to cry!! I wanted to scream!

A deep voice whispered in a tightly controlled tone, “Don’t scream… I won’t hurt you.” I nodded my head that I wouldn’t, but the minute my mouth was free I screamed. “Help!! Help!!!” He had me pinned on the ground. His big, heavy body on top of me. That hand strapped over my mouth and nose again!! “I told you not to scream” he muttered at me in that same controlled tone.

I struggled but it was futile. He was too big, too strong… and I was fighting for air. I was getting tired. He uncovered my mouth with his hand to smother me in a deep kiss. I couldn’t fight him even then! He was so strong!! There was a hint of gentleness within all his strength and force. His hand went back over my mouth between these kisses.

His hands were touching me all over. I didn’t want to like it, but…strangely I did. He sneered at me for “teasing all the boys in the park with my short dress and no panties.” He was high above me looking down with hunger on his face. Then he told me, ” But I’m no boy!!!”

He growled in low tones. I was his prey. I was caught, down for the kill. I was frightened. A virgin. He was a stranger doing bad things to me… but I wanted it!! I begged him not to hurt me. He told me I’d enjoy what he had in mind for me and he had no intention of harming me. I whimpered that I’m a virgin. The guttural growl coming from him sent shivers down my spine. Whimpering still, I asked if it would hurt. Strong, possessively he reassured me it wouldn’t.

He ripped my dress open exposing my nipples. I gasped. He pinned my hands above my head. His mouth devoured first one pink nipple then the other. Moans escaped me. “Don’t tell anyone” he ordered me, “no one. You’ll meet here whenever I want you to.” Biting down on my right nipple til I squealed. “Do you understand?” All I could muster was an MmmmHmmmm.

His belt came off and quickly went around my wrists taut. I was afraid again. I was so helpless. What if I changed my mind? What if he hurt me? What if he left me here for dead?? I was panting… tears running down my cheeks again.

I felt his big hand running inside my thigh brushing against my pussy. I was so afraid. He pushed his free hand over my mouth again. I panicked once again! “You can’t get away, little girl. You’re mine!! I’m going to do naughty things to you. You’re mine!!” Fingers thrust deep inside me. It didn’t hurt. My pussy was dripping. It felt good. I wanted him to keep going. I wanted to get away! Why wasn’t anyone coming to help me?

Deeper thrusts with his fingers brought new moans. “Mmmmmm…. see, I knew you’d like it…. You’re mine! All mine!” Scratches on my back from the rough park terrain, his big hands and body scraping against me left red marks in my skin. My wrists ached from the ever tightening belt which I struggled against. My body was more and more aroused. I couldn’t help but give in to him.

A sudden hard thrust deep inside me. He moaned getting in to the hilt. I screamed. A mix of pleasure and terror. He fucked me hard, deep, relentlessly. He used my tight little pussy for his pleasure. Just before he climaxed, he choked me hard with both hands wrapped around my neck. “Don’t tell anyone!” he growled again. “You belong to me!”

He climbed off me when he was finished leaving me lying there sore, afraid, full of emotions I didn’t understand. Tears stung my cheeks. He picked me up, still bound and crying, taking me to his car. I was weak, terrified, alone, confused. He put me in the backseat of his car and covered me with a heavy blanket. Sleep. I’m not going to hurt you, you’re mine now. He drove away from the familiar park by my house. I’d been abducted and no one knew. No one saw…

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