Daddy’s Daddy Day Gift

The little in me wants to bubble all over myself about the uber fantastic gift i just bought Daddy!!!! ♥ The responsible adult part of me wants to explain why i’m giving Him a Father’s Day gift. ♥ Little wins!!!! *Tigger bounces & giggles*

Soooooo… for as long as i’ve known Daddy He’s told me all about His bike career. Bicycling, motocross, motorcycles. If it has two wheels, Daddy loves it! We spend hours each week watching car and motorcycle shows. He tells me about all the different things and has even gotten me excited about them! Daddy has a special place in His heart for Harley Davidson and has been looking at their websites lately.

Now, i didn’t go off and buy Him a Harley motorcycle online. 😀 He’d have killed me!!! He’d have loved it!!!… but He’d have killed me. Nah, i went a little simpler to show i’m listening to Him and want to ride with Him eventually. i ordered Him a classic Harley jacket. Isn’t it awesome?!?!?!

Daddy’s 2019 Daddy’s Day Gift

Daddy knows His little one so well that He wasn’t surprised when i was begging Him to let me tell Him what i got. lol Ohhhh!! i know He likes surprises!!! It’s so hard for me not to tell! i’m soooo excited for Him to have it that i want Him to know now! He laughed as i begged Him to let me tell Him. When the words came out of my mouth, He was silent… dare i say speechless? i could hear in His voice that i’d pleased Him. That alone made it worth begging to tell Him. ♥ He’s seen the pictures, but i can’t wait to see the look on His face when it arrives and He opens the box and puts it on for the first time!!!

Daddy’s Day has a very special connotation for me. It’s not like an anniversary where we celebrate the dates of our relationship. It’s a special day to celebrate the tenderest and most special part of us…. He’s my Daddy and i’m His little one. ♥

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