Sexy and Sweet

Daddy took me out for our weekly date night last night. Our one year anniversary of collaring was last weekend, so we’re still pretty romantic and mushy with a ton of sizzling sex appeal oozing from us both.

We were headed to our favorite watering hole downtown for a couple of drinks and some pool. Daddy looked so handsome and smelled so damned good it was all i could do to get out the door! i wore my chainmail collar wrapped snugly around my neck with a plunging neckline showing off ample cleavage under my Rocky Horror t-shirt with the jeans Daddy says hug my ass just right. Needless to say, i was looking to make a statement.

Daddy always stays close and is protective of His little one. Last night, He was on high alert. Daddy’s eyes blazed with the hunger of a Lion hunting its prey each time He looked at me. His hand protectively in the small of my back guiding me was not only to tell all around i belong to Him, but to keep my senses alive with the electrical current of His touch.

Daddy had His work cut out for Him last night as the men around gawked at me with lascivious fantasies dancing just beneath the surface.

We found a quiet corner in the back where we could hide from the crowds. Daddy ordered His signature drink, whiskey and coke, while i started off with a double shot of tequilla. Daddy is always smooth and sophisticated. The most calm, cool, collected man i’ve ever met. No one knows the pleasures of my tongue quite like He does. His eyes quietly registered the thoughts of my soft tongue licking His shaft as He watched me slowly licked the salt from my wrist before downing the shot and sucking the lime.

i was so wrapped up in my sexy Sir that i was unaware of the audience i had. Daddy never let it show He knew. The guys came to sit a few seats down from us. One of the guys sat gawking at me until i finally said something embarrassing him enough to promptly get up and move.

Daddy maintained His cool demeanor as i slid into a sweet and sexy drunken state. i couldn’t keep my hands off Him! Kisses on His neck, whispers and sultry rolling purrs. He enjoyed every moment as i got just a little more little, the kitten Daddy enjoys most. His sweet, docile, innocently flirtatious, chatty, giggly, cuddly babygirl.

As we left, Daddy held my hand tight being sure i was safe and steady. “i’m disney, Daddy” i giggled at Him as we walked to the car. He laughed a little and agreed i was. Daddy tucked me into the car all safe and sound as we headed home.

We sat in the driveway talking for a few minutes. i scooched over beside Him on the bench seat and kissed Daddy. A kiss turned into a steamy make-out session. i looked up at Daddy begging Him to let me suck His lollipop telling Him i’ve never done that in the car before. “Just a little bit, kitten” as He stroked my hair before helping my clumsy fingers open His pants. my head sunk into Daddy’s lap as i swirled my tongue around the tip and began to gently suck. His hand stroked my hair gently pushing me deeper down His shaft. Massaging His big cock with my warm, soft tongue sliding up and down His length. Daddy’s moans filled the car as He called me His good girl. i’m Daddy’s good girl, but i’m also just a little bratty. i slipped Daddy’s hard cock out of my sweet little mouth with a kiss at the very tip before sitting up and giving Daddy a smile. He groaned in frustration, but always my cool, calm Daddy, He zipped up and took me into the house.

i giggled and chattered the few steps home with Daddy supporting me. Sleepy, giggly kitten. Daddy ushered me up to bed. A little dizzy, i giggled as i dropped down to climb up the stairs on all fours growling. Daddy belly laughed watching His little one crawl up the stairs. i heard Him say “What a position…” as i reached the top trying to stand back up. His hands were firmly on my ass and hips making sure i didn’t fall back.

i yanked clothes off before flopping in bed. Daddy tucked me in telling me He’d be right back. i snuggled in and smiled up at Him. “i try not to fall asleep before Daddy comes back.” He smiled at me so lovingly from the doorway, “Be right back, baby…”

Before i knew it, Daddy was pulling me deep in His strong arms, snuggling me so close, lulling me to sleep with His gentle, soothing voice and loving words. Soft kisses on my forehead, tip of my nose, fingers playing softly in my hair telling me how much Daddy loves me and reminding me i’m always Daddy’s little one.

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